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Senate Proceeding on Nov 30th, 2009 :: 3:32:00 to 3:38:25
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Jon Kyl

3:31:56 to 3:32:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Kyl: family with employer-sponsored coverage will soon pay more than

John McCain

3:32:00 to 3:38:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

3:32:01 to 3:32:24( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: $20,000 per year for health insurance. president obama said during the campaign, he said -- quote -- "i have made a solemn pledge that i will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every american and cut the cost of a typical family's premium by up to $2,500

John McCain

3:32:25 to 3:32:47( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: a year." well, c.b.o.'s analysis shows that the president is breaking that pledge by both failing to achieve universal coverage and raising premiums, just as it contradicts an analysis by m.i.t. economist john gruber released by the white house this weekend claiming that individual premiums would go down.

John McCain

3:32:48 to 3:33:10( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: in fact, even with the generous assumptions made by c.b.o. in a number of areas, premiums will either go up unchanged. from the c.b.o. report just today, c.b.o. says that premiums in the individual market would be 10% to 13% higher in 2016 under current law. average premiums would increase

John McCain

3:33:11 to 3:33:31( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: by $300 for an individual policy and by $2,100 for a family policy. the new benefit and coverage mandates actually drives up premiums by 27% to 30% and this increase is offset by other factors, like new administrative efficiencies. c.b.o. says a little more than

John McCain

3:33:32 to 3:33:53( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: half of enrollees in the individual market would receive a government subsidy. however, it is bill before us however, the bill before us will still require nearly 14 million americans to purchase more expensive than the one they have today. president obama has promised that seniors will not see a reduction in benefits.

John McCain

3:33:54 to 3:34:15( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: in ft, he said recently, "people currently signed up for medicare advantage are going to have medicare and the same level of benefits." how to you yet in? how do you get there? how do you yet in when you're cutting medicare advantage by $$120 billion? there is no math, old or new,

John McCain

3:34:16 to 3:34:36( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: that gets you to the benefits that they have under medicare advantage and yet cut $120 billion. traditional medicare doesn't offer coordinated benefits that can improve the quality of care, and traditional m have many of the aides that benefit our seniors.

John McCain

3:34:37 to 3:35:00( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: president obama has also promised several times, if you like whawf, you can keep it -- t. the american people took those words as a promise, and if th had a health benefit that they were happy with, they could keep it. i want to make sure we're helping the president keep his promise. i want to help him promise by sending this bill back, taking out the cuts that

John McCain

3:35:01 to 3:35:21( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: are in it on medicare, on the $105 billion cuts in hospital, nursing homes, $14.6 billion, hospice, $7.6 billion, medicare advantage by $120 billion. send it back to the finance committee and come back with a bill that the ame can believe in, that will preserve the obligations we've -- solemn obligations we've made to our senior

John McCain

3:35:22 to 3:35:43( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: citizens. medicare advantage provides the only choice in the medicare program. allowing an option for seniors who want additional benefits are a better option. medicare advantage is working for nearly 11 million seniors to give them a choice about their he

John McCain

3:35:44 to 3:36:06( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: as i mentioned beneficiaries in my state of arizona are on medicare advantage, and they would see benefit reductions or their plan disappear. 89% of seniors need and some form of supplemental coverage on top of medicare to provide protection against out-of

John McCain

3:36:07 to 3:36:30( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: additional benefits. many low-income americans and minorities rely on medicare advantage as their supplemental coverage. some have claimed that cutting the -- quote -- "ex to medicare advantage plans reduces insurance company profits. under federal law, that's simply not the case.

John McCain

3:36:31 to 3:36:51( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: the fact is, 75% payments go directly to extra benefits f currt law. the other 25% goes back to the federal government. unfortunately, those extra benefits will be taken from seniors who are enrolled in medicare advantage. the bill contains $120 billion in direct cuts to private medicare plans.

John McCain

3:36:52 to 3:37:12( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: common sense says you can't do that without affecting benefits. the congressional budget office thinks so as well. c.b.o. assumes that the reid bill will cut benefits by more than half, from an average of $98 in additional benefits, to

John McCain

3:37:13 to 3:37:34( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: $41 a month. so i've taken -- i see that one of my colleagues is waiting to speak. so i hope that the american people will understand what we're trying to do here. all we're trying to do is send this back t

John McCain

3:37:35 to 3:37:55( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: fixed on a bipartisan basis, not to force $400 billion-and-some in cuts in benefits that we have promised the american people. send it bipartisan approach, sit down for the first time with republicans and democrats, have the c-span cameras in the way

John McCain

3:37:56 to 3:38:18( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: that the president promised promised -- that he would back la let's sit down together and figure out how we can fix this. and the best way to fix it is to preserve the quality of health care in america and bring down the costs, not to pass

John McCain

3:38:19 to 3:38:26( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: 2,074-page monstrosity that is full of the measures that would impair the ability particularly of our senior citizens to

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