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Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: millionaires. on december 1, more than 800,000 americans were left without benefits, and up to 2 million more will soon follow by the end of the year, including 48,000 marylanders. it seems as if there are some in this body who may not recognize the peril facing families whose benefits are being cut off. well, i do.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Speech By: Benjamin L. Cardin

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: every day i hear from marylanders who are asking congress for help. they want to work but can't find employment. many have been looking for a long time, for over a year, sending hundreds of resumes, pounding the pavement, attending job fairs, and numerous interviews all to no avail. they want us to take steps necessary to help the economy

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: create jobs and they need some assistance in the meantime to help them stay afloat. maryland's unemployment rate stands at 7.4% statewide. although that is lower than the national average in some counties the situation is much more dire. in baltimore stirks the vat 11%. in ambassador cheter county, 9.8%.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: in somerset county, 9.7%. several building trade workers visited moo office. for them this is not a recovery, this is not a recession. that is depression. that is because in the construction industry, unemployment rates range from 30 beer t -- from 30% to 50%.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: in one location near baltimore, one out of every four members has no job. the labor department statistics tell us foyer every job opening, there are five individual actively seeking employment. the odds are not goods for someone trying to find employment today. that is why we have had a long-term unemployment and why we need to extend benefits to those who are in need today.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: nearly 15 million of my fellow americans cannot find work. of that total, the number of long-term unemployment defined as those who have been jobless for 27 weeks or more is about 6 230eu million. as of last month, two-fifths of the unemployed persons have been out of work for at least 27 weeks. there's even a deeper sense of

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: despair in many communities. teenage unemployment is over 27%. black unemployment over 5%. latino, over 12 pmplet in addition to the number of people out of work and seeking work, the department of labor also calculates dalt that includes people who want -- dhat includes people who are wit want to work and people who are working part-time

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: because they can't find full-time employment n october 2010, the rate stood at 17%. during the course of this national debate over unemployment compensation, a number of issues are in contention. there are those -- there are knows who state that jobs are

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: just not there, whether this should be paid for or considering emergency spending, whether they should focus on growing the economy rather than on benefits, whether it's time to end benefits because the economy is recovering, that the unemployment do not deserve extend benefits and more. let me address some of these issues that have been put out there. for those who say the jobs are there, that people just aren't

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: looking for them n september 2010, almost 15 million people were unemployed. but there were only 3 million job openings. in other words, if every available job were filled by unemployed individuals, four out of the five unemployed workers would still be looking for work. last night we heard in this chamber that the objection to extending unemployment benefits

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: is because it's not paid for. well, right to extend tax breaks for millionaires and not pay for it because that somehow is an emergency situation, but extending unemployment benefits to those who are in dire need doesn't qualify as emergency spending. historically, unemployed compensation extensions have been treated as emergency

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: spending by congresses and administrations going back to the reagan administration. families across maryland and across the nation will certainly tell you that when you have a mortgage that is due, when your het is about to be cut off, you cannot buy groceries for your family, that that is an emergency situation. that situation constitutes emergencies and we should treat them as such. for those of my completion who are insisting that extending

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: benefits is not as important as getting the economy back on solid footing, i point out that numerous comiflts have pointed out the value of unemployment insurance benefits. these are dollars that are going back into the market, raising consumption and creating jobs. once again, let me just compare it to what my republican colleagues are saying about tax breaks for millionaires.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: where is that going to benefit the economy? that money is going to be right back. we know unemployment benefits do go right back into the commitment of the nonpartisan congressional budget ostles says that for every dollar we spend in unemployment compensation, we generate more than $1.90 back into the commitment of it is a stimulus.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: the nonpart son congressional budget office has analyzed 11 different measures through their effectiveness at growing the economy and it rates extending unemployment benefits as the single-most effective fool. this helps grow job growth. when people receive unemployment benefits, they spend it immediately. that helps our retail steabtz,

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: our grocery stores, including many small businesses, and the economy. it is the definition of stimulus spending and it is immediate. family's with no sterntion families will have throws spend an will cut back on their purchases of goods and sfts resulting in weaker seacialtion hurting businesses and costing jobs. another sent that i've heard expressed is that we are giving

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: a handout to the unemployed americans. unemployment insurance is not a handout. it is not government largess. unemployment insurance is just that. it is an insurance program. it is an insurance program of which employers and employees contribute to during difficult -- so that during difficult times there's money available to

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: pay when a person loses their job. people receive benefits had jobs at the time that they worked. it reflects the number of weeks are based upon the number of weeks they worked. this is an insurance program. this is countercyically icle. it is supposed to be available during these tough economic times. that is why unemployment insurance is paid.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: these funds should be available to help people who need them. i'd like to address a misconception about the amount of unemployment benefits. these are not extravagant payments. the average benefit amounts to $302 per week. once again, mr. president, i want to tell you the reason we said we can't bring this up is because we've got to bring up

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: this tax bill first and we can't get this tax bill up because republicans are insisting that you have to deal with the millionaires. well, the tax breaks for the millionaires are far more money than the $302 per week tabor someone who is -- unemployment compensation. what these families receive is not a lot of money t keeps food

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: on the table, heat throughout winter mornts montsz, gas in their car while they're continuing to look for jobs. the extension only gives those who are eligible for unemployment benefits the same number of maximum weeks that we've provided others during these economic times. it does not lengthen the total number of eligible weeks of benefits.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: the highest unemployment rate at which any previous federal emergency unemployment program ended was 7.2% in march of 1985 during the second reagan streasmghts much lower than where we're so where do we stand? we have passed several short-term extensions and need to act again. so here we are today as 800,000

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: americans across the nation have no benefits whatsoever. let my republican colleagues -- yet my republican colleagues object. they object to a short-term extension, they object to any stefntle they say first let's bring up the tax brill that provides breaks for millionaires and we can't brip the middle-income we take care of the millionaires. nearly every member of the

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: senate has rinse on this floor to talk about the need for job creation. i believe all of us are sincere about that. each success committed to acting on legislation that will create more job opportunities for americans. we have passed the recovery act and a small business jobs act. we will soon consider tax extenders that will help businesses invest more in jobs. now, rather than abruptly

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: cutting off those who are still in difficult times, because of our economy, we should pass at least a one-year extension of the unemployment compensation benefits. on behalf of the million of american families who believe feactd by what we do or fail to do this week, i call upon my colleagues at the start of the holiday season to recognize the needs of families struggling to

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: make ends meet and agree to an

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