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Senate Proceeding on Dec 4th, 2009 :: 1:20:05 to 1:28:00
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John McCain

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John McCain: benefits that these plans generally offer seniors. mr. mccain: well, i thank my friend. and the reason i ask is you mentioned that medicare advantage allows seniors to have dental care, vision care, hearing care, physical -- physical fitness -- physical fitness.

John McCain

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Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

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John McCain: you this allows our senior citizens to have dental, vision, care, physical you know, that's a little strange because, as was pointed out to me, that's exactly what we

John McCain

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John McCain: states senate. about 100 paces from here, if i need some doctor care immediately, if i need vision care, if i need some dental care, nec next to my office in the senate russell office building -- and i don't know at

John McCain

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John McCain: what cost -- i'd ke to get entered into the record how many tens of milons of dollars it is so -- so, my colleagues yesterday voted against keeping the when we've got right here the best medicare advantage program

John McCain

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John McCain: that i've ever heard of in the world: free hearing, free vision, free dental, free -- and expanding a gymnasium in a many month-long project and i will get the cost, although it may be hard to do. so let me get again, the american people

John McCain

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John McCain: should understand, we just voted to cut drastically a program that seniors have taken advantage of additional dental, and physical fitness care while we practice it here every single day -- every single day there is a physician on duty

John McCain

1:22:12 to 1:22:32( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: -- or more than one -- not very far from where i speak who is ready to give us instant care. if hospitalization is needed, instant transportation to the bethesda naval hospital where we will get free care. and, incredibly --

John McCain

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John McCain: the senate, on largely partisan lines, yesterday voted against senior citizens in this country, most of whom have made a lot more into the program than we have. we're going to deprive them of what we have every single day we are members of the united states senate. that, my friends, is an in hypocrisy. the senator from pennlvania

John McCain

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John McCain: has it right. he says because the president time after time said to the american people, if you like the insurance policy you have today, you can keep how many hundreds of times have we seen him say that at town hall mettings and his administration -- at town hall meetings and his administration

John McCain

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John McCain: mouth speoses say the same thing. senator co-payscy is right when he says we're not going to be able to say, if you like what you have, you can keep it, said senator bob casey, a pennsylvania democrat. that comtment a lot of us made will be called into question. i'd like to say a couple of words. i wille talking a little bit more about it later. every time the senator from

John McCain

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John McCain: montana is on the floor and others, they talk about the fact that aarp now supports this blatant transfer of funding from the medicare program, which the seniors have earned, into a brand-new entitlement -- $2.5 trillion entitlement program.

John McCain

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John McCain: that's wt about. so just for your information, aarp has received $18 million in stimulus money. now, there's a job creator for you. there's a job creator for you. aarp, which has given its full support to democratic health

John McCain

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John McCain: care legislation, even though seniors remain largely opposed, received an $18 million grant in the economic stimulus package has not created any jobs, according to the obama administration's web site. that is because everything i've ever seen, they've created millions

John McCain

1:24:42 to 1:25:03( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: of jobs, including in the ninth congressional district of arizona where they said they create some thousands of jobs, which unfortunately for me we only have eight congressional districts. but that's okay. but that's ofnlgt so in february the "politico" reported that aarp was putting pressure on republican members of congress to support the stimulus package. since then, aarp has moved on to

John McCain

1:25:04 to 1:25:26( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: lobbying for passage of health care legislation, even though democrat proposals have called for several hundred billion thrars dollars in cuts to medicare, a program that they oppose when republicans propose it.

John McCain

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John McCain: aarp financiay b losing cuts to medicare advantage will be forced to buy medigap policies, which is the main source of aarp revenue. barry rand, the chiefxecutive of aarp, was a big donor to the

John McCain

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John McCain: obama campaign and has rained cozy relationship with the administration. that's shocking news. shocking news. so, my that in 2006 -- in 200 6, the aarp received $18 million from the federal government and we

John McCain

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John McCain: are researching additional federal moneys that they get. but the mt important thing is that, let's make it clear. aarp will benefits because seniors who have their cuts in medicare advantage and other medicare

John McCain

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John McCain: programs can buy, a medigap insurance policy -- in other wor, to cover the things that are being cut back under this legislation -- and it costs $175 a month. medicare advantage premiums, for most seniors, are zero or $35 a month. so if the medicare advantage

John McCain

1:26:53 to 1:27:13( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: plans go away, people would have to buy medigap plans you got it, the aarp. and some low-income seniors couldn't afford $175 month. that's why what the senator tennessee has stated -- if we drive people out

John McCain

1:27:14 to 1:27:35( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: advantage, we are low-income seniors all over this country. we are harming them. we are doing them a disservice. and if you think with 17% real unemployment in my state that seniors who are unemployed and down on their luck are going to be able to afford the aarp medigap program -- policy for

John McCain

1:27:36 to 1:27:57( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: $175 a month, then come and visit my state, and i'll tell you they can't. they can't. so it's interesting the conversation about how we're -- about how high-income seniors and how we're going to tax people with cadillac plans and all of those things, when we really what we're doing -- what

John McCain

1:27:58 to 1:28:04( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: we're really doing is harming the lowest -

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