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Senate Proceeding on Dec 4th, 2009 :: 7:49:25 to 7:59:45
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Jon Kyl

7:49:21 to 7:49:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Kyl: this bill and standing with the american people to stop the democrat government takeover of

Jim DeMint

7:49:25 to 7:59:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint

7:49:27 to 7:49:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: health care in a stop them from paying for it by cutting nearly $500 billion from medicare and raising taxes on millions of americans. i heard from one of our constituents that was talking about medicare d the cuts in medicare explaing very simply

Jim DeMint

7:49:49 to 7:50:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: that medicare is something he had paid for his entire 40 years of working out of his taxes, and now he could not believe that we were considering tang any money out of medicare in order to pay for a new government program. americans work and pay for medicare so that when the

Jim DeMint

7:50:12 to 7:50:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: retire, they will have that gives them the coverage they need. i think the majority must think americans are not paying attention or maybe even they're not real smart, that you can take $500 billion out of a program that's already bankrupt and expect the benefits to stay the same when already we know we're not paying doctors enough to see our seniors and more and

Jim DeMint

7:50:34 to 7:50:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: more physicians are not even willing to see medicare patients. if there really is waste and fraud in medicare -- and we know there's some -- we should it and put that money back into the medicare system so that we can keep our promises to seniors. every democrat here in the

Jim DeMint

7:50:55 to 7:51:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: senate has already voted for a government takeover of health care, to cut medicare to pay for it, and to raise taxes. some of them said they were just moving the debate forward. but i ask you, what debate? will there be any serious consideration to take this government-run plan out of this bill? there won't be.

Jim DeMint

7:51:16 to 7:51:37( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: we've already seen that there's no serious consideration to stop taking money out of medicare to pay for it. in fact, we've had a lot of debate about what this is going to do, to cut from medicare, what it's eventually going to do to benefits, cut medicare advantage. now we're talking about cutting home health, which is so important, particularly in rural

Jim DeMint

7:51:38 to 7:51:58( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: communities and for the more elderly constituents that we serve. there's no way you could take this money out of medicare without hurting the programs. instead, as we look more people retiring than ever in history and medicare being bankrupt, we need to be looking at ways that we can shore up in

Jim DeMint

7:51:59 to 7:52:20( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: program so that it will be there for generations to come. every republican voted "no." every republican in this senate has stood with the american people and stayed "no" to a health care bill that tas over the most personal and private part of our lives.

Jim DeMint

7:52:21 to 7:52:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: i'm proud of our leadersh and americans have been asking to see the differences between the republican and the democrat party, and i think now more than ever on this issue they're going to see the democratstanding with government-controlled health care, cuts in medicare, increased taxes, and on the

Jim DeMint

7:52:43 to 7:53:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: other side republicans who are going to stay here through christmas or new year's or whatever it takes to stop ts bill and to sit down and really reform the system in a way that will lower cost and improve care to all americans. we need to continue to talk about these bigger issues, particularly h it affects medicare. and we'll be doing that over the weekend.

Jim DeMint

7:53:04 to 7:53:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: but i think we owe it to the american people to begin to open this bill up and explain what's in it. i can almost guarantee you that there's not one member of the senate who's read it yet. we're going to try to fit this in santa's slay th santa's sleigh this year so it'll be delivered to ever american.

Jim DeMint

7:53:27 to 7:53:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: i've got the first part 1,000 pages, small print, front and back. started going through it putting tabs on different pages so we can talk about the different things because sometimes they sound so extraordinarily people don't really believe they're in there. i'm not sure we'll ever get through the whole thing, but i just wanted to take a couple parts tonight and just start talking about what is really in

Jim DeMint

7:53:49 to 7:54:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: this bill. on page 17 in section 2713, it is intieltded "coverage of preventive health sfertions" which is really our jargon for rationing if says a group health plan and health insurance issuer offering group or individual

Jim DeMint

7:54:11 to 7:54:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: health insurance coverageern provide coverage fror evidence-based items or services that have in effect an "a" or "b" rating in the current recommendations of the united states preventive services task force. and we heard from this task force a few weeks ago. but this may sound harmless

Jim DeMint

7:54:34 to 7:54:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: enough, as you look at but let's see what this really means. evidence-based. "a" or "b" what's not "a" or "b"? well, we just found out something that was not "a" or "b."

Jim DeMint

7:54:55 to 7:55:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: the task force came out and sai it should not be covered on anyone under 50 years old. now, that's in the bill that it would not cover mammograms for folks under 50 years old. because it's not "a" or "b" because of the outcry, we had an amendment from the other side to give themselves a little bit of cover on that one medical

Jim DeMint

7:55:17 to 7:55:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: procedure, mammograms. and we passed it with some fanfare yesterday, but the fact is, there are going to be many "c" ratings that aren't covered. what are we going to do here in congress over the next several years when we find constituents are not covered for things that they need in retirement from medicare? are we going to pass bills to

Jim DeMint

7:55:39 to 7:56:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: try cover those individual things? what we should really do is throw out the bill that's causing the problem. we should not be rationing care to our seniors. let's look at another page. and i know this is not as intereing as talking about theoretical stuff.

Jim DeMint

7:56:01 to 7:56:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: bu called "the aappeals process," a group health plan and a health issuance or individual health insurance coverage shall implement an effective appeals process to provide notice to enrollees in a

Jim DeMint

7:56:22 to 7:56:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: culturally and appropriate manner." now, what do we think that means? well, in fact in 2001, this term has been used before in the department of health and human services spent $10 million to figure out what that phrase meant -- means.

Jim DeMint

7:56:43 to 7:57:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: and we still don't know. i mean, it says "health services that are respectful and responsive to cultural and linguistic needs." but what it really means to us in the 2000 census is there are at least 20 languages spoken by at least 200,000 americans in this country, and what we're putting out there is a liability

Jim DeMint

7:57:04 to 7:57:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: for every insurance company who doesn't have every aspect of their plan in those 20 languages. it may sound like a simple thing, but every page of this bill almost as you read it, you realize it's increasing complexity and cost of the system here in america. i'll just cover one of -- one more of these, as i hear my

Jim DeMint

7:57:26 to 7:57:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: colleagues urging me to finish here in the background. but i do think we owe it to the american people to grin to talk about -- to begin to talk about what's really in this bill. on page 39 "funding category" -- "out of all funds in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, they're

Jim DeMint

7:57:47 to 7:58:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: appropriate to the secretary $250 million to be available for expenditures for grants under paragraph 1 and subparagraph 1." and what those subparagraphs are are to track the trends in premium increases of health insurance once this bill goes into effect. $250 million to do what the

Jim DeMint

7:58:09 to 7:58:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: congressional budget office has already told us is going to be increases. but this kind of spending and this type of bureaucracy and complexity that we're creating is not going to make health care more accessible and more affordable for americans. it is creating a complex bureaucracy with tens of thousands of workers bureaucrats to

Jim DeMint

7:58:31 to 7:58:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: do -- tell doc and us how to manage our health care. the congressional budget office has already release add report finding that the purchasing health insurance exchanges that are in this bill could pay up to 16% more for health care than we do today. yet we're moving ahead with this

Jim DeMint

7:58:52 to 7:59:13( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: bill. i'll continue throughout this weekend and every time i get a chance to speak to talk about more of these things that are in this bill. folks, this is not a bill we should deliver to the arican people for christmas this year. th is a bill that we should throw out so that we can start over and have a step-by-step approach to make health

Jim DeMint

7:59:14 to 7:59:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: insurance more affordable and available to every a with yield back. a senator: mr. predent? a senator: mr. president, i think we're going bac back and forth here.

Jim DeMint

7:59:36 to 7:59:45( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: a senato mr. baucus: sorry? a senator: there's no forth. we can go back and back and then

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