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Senate Proceeding on Dec 5th, 2009 :: 1:59:20 to 2:05:00
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Max Baucus

1:59:17 to 1:59:38( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: insolvent entitlement to another insome of the entitlement? why would the chairman of the fi something like that? mr. baucus: i'd very much like to visa spond to that question. first of all, i appreciate the implied premise in your statement that you -- we either should is where do the savings go.

Max Baucus

1:59:20 to 2:05:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Max Baucus

Max Baucus

1:59:39 to 2:00:00( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: i mean, basically you're savings, and that's vy good to hear that and i think that's a very constructive additional part of this dialogue, this conversation that probably should be -- we should savings because there is waste there. your question really is, okay, you take the savings, what ould we do with the savings?

Max Baucus

2:00:01 to 2:00:21( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: that's your basic question. and the fact of the matter is, because of the reforms in medicare, a couple of things are happening. number one, we're solvency of the trust fund. it's another five years. the medicare trust be extended five years, so that helps seniors. i know the senator didn't mean

Max Baucus

2:00:22 to 2:00:42( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: this at all, but rhetorically earlier in morning, he said why would this side want to throw seniors under the bus, throw seniors under the bus. i know he really didn't mean that because i know he knows nobody here is trying to throw seniors under the bus. nobody would want to do that here in the united state senate. but the fact is changes do extend the solvency of the trust fund. but then you ask a different

Max Baucus

2:00:43 to 2:01:03( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: question and that's a very good question, it's a judgment call: what should be done with the additional savings? and this legislation savings to help more people get health insurance. no one could argue those savings should not be used

Max Baucus

2:01:04 to 2:01:27( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: help people get more -- get those without health insurance, get health insurance for them. they could go back to the medicare trust fund. they could go to reduce the budget deficit. there are lots of different options here. but this is a health care reform bill. we're trying to in this legislation come up with system, if you will

Max Baucus

2:01:28 to 2:01:49( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: some coherence nationwide in health care in america. we don't really. it's a hodgepodge. it's a collection. it docs do their things. hospitals, their thing. nursing homes, their thing. you know, each is provide health care based on a profit motive but it's kind of incoherent.

Max Baucus

2:01:50 to 2:02:11( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: there's no real anything there. so we said okay, let's try to get a little coherence. and we're the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't have some system some way that has health ins it just seems to me that we should try to see if we could have some kind of a systemome way where insurance.

Max Baucus

2:02:12 to 2:02:33( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: i know it's extremely co it's complicated, but if people have health insurance, that opens up lots of doors for other reform. one is to companies, health insurance companies, for denyi coverage based on preexisting condition, health care status, and so on and so forth. because what they lose on the

Max Baucus

2:02:34 to 2:02:54( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: margin, they can make up on volume because everybody has health insurance. sam same with the hospitals. same with the pharmaceutical industry. same with virtually all providers who are in the system. everybody has health insurance -- not everybody. but the more that have health insurance, the better the system is. now, that's a judgment call but it's -- and it's -- i do believe that when people have health

Max Baucus

2:02:55 to 2:03:15( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: insurance, those who don't now have it, they're going to be more healthy -- i think that's a good thing -- they're going -- hospitals won't have to worry near as much about uncompensated care, which is a big challenge to hospitals these days. average i think is about $1,100,

Max Baucus

2:03:16 to 2:03:36( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: $1,200 a year per family uncompensated care that private companies pay. and after that, we can open up doors to delivery system reform. we get the system working a lot better, compensating more on quality and outco quantity, et cetera. i know the senator knows about all these things. but it's a judgment call. those savings -- i'm glad you seem to imply

Max Baucus

2:03:37 to 2:03:59( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: there are savings, but it's a judgment call as to where those savings go. now, the 21% in docs, we're going to have to take that up after this bill. and i -- it's going to be difficult because some want to pay for it, you know, a wa pay for it. and going to be a huge battle

Max Baucus

2:04:00 to 2:04:22( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: you might ask, why mr. corker: i did ask. mr. baucus: okay. my answer to that is it's -- it's -- it's not -- a, it's not really part of health reform, but, b, on the other hand, it is is, they're docs and we care about our docs and we're going to have to f them and we will i think by the

Max Baucus

2:04:23 to 2:04:43( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: end of this year because we have to. docs have -- there cannot be any reduction, and,frankly, there's a partial fix in this yea anyway. it's one year with an update. at least this bill does take year and with an increase. that's one year. the house wants a permanent fix. frankly, i'd like to have a permanent fix but it's

Max Baucus

2:04:44 to 2:05:04( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: we just have a hard time finding the doors pay for it all. but this legislation does have a one-year fix for docs. the presiding officer: the senator from montana. mr. ba senator from massachusetts. the presiding officer: the

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