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Senate Proceeding on Dec 8th, 2010 :: 2:07:40 to 2:14:05
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Claire McCaskill

2:07:37 to 2:07:59( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: that the senate recess subject to the call of the chair. the president pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. ms. mccaskill: mr. president? the president pro tempore: the senator from missouri. ms. mccaskill: mr. president, our constitution is a glorious thing. it is in fact the envy of the world. and one of the most effective

Claire McCaskill

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Speech By: Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill: and elegant elements of the foundation of our government is the provisions that provide for the checks and balances of our three branches of government. it has been an incredible honor to participate in this process that was devised by very wise people very long ago that

Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill: actually provides the american people the reassurance that the constitution is working the way it was designed to work when it comes to the checks and balances of the three branches of government. the responsibilities of the modern congress, both house and senate, are extensive. i don't need to spend much time, mr. president, talking about how

Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill: busy we are right now. but the fact that we set aside everything that we were doing and came together and sat as a senate and listened to the arguments and deliberated extensively about this impeachment should be reassuring to every american.

Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill: i think the results are interesting in that it reflects that each senator made an individual decision about the articles of impeachment. there was some unanimity on some of the counts but on others it was republicans and democrats, conservatives, progressives on both sides of the questions, and

Claire McCaskill

2:09:26 to 2:09:48( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: i think that shows the extent to which everyone made an independent judgment and took their responsibilities very seriously. i want to take just a few minutes now to thank some people that really are unsung heroes here. obviously i thank the distinguished vice-chairman, the senator from utah, for his

Claire McCaskill

2:09:49 to 2:10:09( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: support, his experience, and his wisdom in discharge the committee's duties. he was essential to this process and a great rock for me to lean on and many turns -- at many turns during this process. i also want to thank the ten other members of the impeachment trial committee for their devotion and diligence and commitment to this important work.

Claire McCaskill

2:10:10 to 2:10:30( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: and then i would like too take just a couple of minutes to talk about the staff. i want to begin with darren parks who is seated with me here on the floor of the senate. darren walked into my office and was hired to be a legislative assistant for health care. in the middle of some pretty

Claire McCaskill

2:10:31 to 2:10:52( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: difficult times on health care. and then i said to him, oh, by the way, could you run an impeachment of a federal judge also? so as a brand-new member of my staff, he took on incredible responsibility. and all of the thanks i've gotten really belong to him. because he worked hard, he

Claire McCaskill

2:10:53 to 2:11:13( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: worked smart, he was a great leader, and did a remarkable job of marshaling a bunch of senators, a bunch of staffs, a bunch of witnesses, a bunch of evidence, a bunch of legal research and did it in a way that i think the senate can be very proud. i also want to thank tom

Claire McCaskill

2:11:14 to 2:11:34( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: jipping, who is senator hatch's staff person who helped with this, as the deputy staff director for the impeachment committee, less put in an incredible amount of work and gave a very valuable crifntle and justin kim, counsel. justin was very important because whenever there was a disagreement about what was the

Claire McCaskill

2:11:35 to 2:11:55( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: right road to take in terms of historical precedent, rule of law, decisions on motions, he was always a good sounding board. there were always more than one smart lawyer in the roornlings so that the ideas could be bounced back and forth and somehow we could come umwith the right answer based on the law, the constitution, and historical

Claire McCaskill

2:11:56 to 2:12:17( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: precedent. rebecca sivment dell, who was also very valuable to the committee, another counsel who was essential in this process. aaron johnson, the deputy counsel and chief clerk who did frankly some of the most difficult work and that was makerring sure we had a quorum during the trial, which was

Claire McCaskill

2:12:18 to 2:12:40( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: hard, as you can imagine, mr. president. keeping senators in one seat for an extended period of time? that's tough. and she managed to make sure that we always had a quorum that the law demanded. and lake dishman, another member of the staff that did a wonderful job.

Claire McCaskill

2:12:41 to 2:13:01( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: susanna vair row smeltzer, from c.r.s., did wonderful work for us in terms of allowing us some help on the research of the historical precedents and decisions that guide our way. morgan frankel, who was here on the floor for the conclusion of this impeachment matter. the senate legal counsel, like senator hatch, this wasn't his first time to deal with

Claire McCaskill

2:13:02 to 2:13:22( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: impeachment matters. so he was a wealth of information and a wonderful help to us. and pat mcbrian, she also did great work. grant vivment nich and tom cavarro were also from the senate legal staff. and then all the committee members had the staff people that helped on this.

Claire McCaskill

2:13:23 to 2:13:43( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: i will not put all of their names on the record now. but they will be made part of my entire statement. i will have more extensive comments on the impeachment proceedings, which i will insert in the record. i just want to conclude by saying, i'm very proud to be a senator today. there are days that that's not as easy to say.

Claire McCaskill

2:13:44 to 2:14:04( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: there are times there th place is pretty dysfunctional. but i am very proud of the united states senate and how we conducted ourselves during this very important and grave proceeding. i think the responsibility was handled just as the founders would have want the us to handle it and i think we all should be proud of that. i ask unanimous consent, mr. president, that the full

Claire McCaskill

2:14:05 to 2:14:05( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: text of my statement appear in

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