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Senate Proceeding on Dec 9th, 2010 :: 1:04:45 to 1:10:00
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Jeff Sessions

1:04:41 to 1:05:01( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: let's observe the values. let's pass the dream act with that, madam president, i yield the floor. a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from alabama. mr. sessions: i would ask notified after four minutes. the presiding officer: without

Jeff Sessions

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Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

1:05:02 to 1:05:23( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: objection. mr. sessions: madam president, the military has a very fine program now that allows people legally and illegally in the united states to join the military and put themselves on a pathway to citizenship. the fact is that in this bill as is going to work out in reality, 95%, probably 98% of the people

Jeff Sessions

1:05:24 to 1:05:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: who take advantage of this amnesty that puts them on a guaranteed path to citizenship will do so by claiming they have a high school degree. they can be up to 30 years of age. they claim they have a high school degree and then say -- and do two years of community college or even correspondence college work.

Jeff Sessions

1:05:47 to 1:06:09( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: that's where this huge loophole is and that's why we'll have one million to two million people that are going to seek protection under this. what is this about? the american people understand it and they tried to tell this congress, but the congress and the political leadership refuses to listen. what they're saying is, do not

Jeff Sessions

1:06:10 to 1:06:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: continue to reward illegality. do not continue to provide benefits for people who violated our law, please. the first thing you do is don't reward it. the second thing you want to do is to end the mass illegality that's occuring in our country. 600,000 people were arrested

Jeff Sessions

1:06:31 to 1:06:52( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: last year trying to enter our country illegally at the border. 600,000. this is a huge problem. this administration has sued arizona when it tried to do something about it. they have ended workplace raids that would have identified

Jeff Sessions

1:06:53 to 1:07:14( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: people who are working illegally and provide americans an opportunity to have a job. this bill wi 5 billion -- $5 billion according to the c.b.o., it's not going to pay for itself, and it will allow those with two

Jeff Sessions

1:07:15 to 1:07:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: misdemeanors, you can aplievment and many -- apply. and many people plead to lesser offenses when they're really guilty of more serious offenses and a lot of these misdemeanors are very serious offenses as well. they will be given advantage of this. it's not setup for military.

Jeff Sessions

1:07:39 to 1:07:59( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: it's not setup valedictorians. it's not setup for people going to harvard. it's setup for people who come into the country, can be brought in illegally as a teenager, they go to high school, they have to be accepted, they get a g.e.d. or get a high school degree and they apply and have a safe harbor in our country really indefinitely.

Jeff Sessions

1:08:00 to 1:08:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: and i introduced yesterday a chart showing a google page with a whole long list of places you can order false high school diplomas, false transcripts, false g.e.d. certificates. there's no people funded to investigate any of this.

Jeff Sessions

1:08:22 to 1:08:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: people are going to walk in and say, oh, i'm 30 years old and i came at age 16. i'm in. who's going to go out and investigate that? nobody is. there's no funding to do it and there's no plan to do it. it's just a major loophole. but fundamentally i would say this nation will be prepared as

Jeff Sessions

1:08:43 to 1:09:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: a nation to wrestle with and try to do the right thing about people who have been here a long time and who came here as a young person. but, let me tell you, not until this country brings the lawlessness to an end. that is what the american people have told us unequivocally. they shut down our switchboard

Jeff Sessions

1:09:04 to 1:09:24( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: with so many phone calls not too long ago when amnesty was tried to be passed here. and we don't need to do this. why don't we do the responsible thing? and, finally, let me say this illegality can be ended. it is within our grasp if we have leadership from the top and

Jeff Sessions

1:09:25 to 1:09:45( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: leadership in the congress and leadership from the president. the presiding officer: you've consumed your four minutes. mr. sessions: i thank the chair and would say we haven't had that leadership and we -- and what will happen three years from now when we have another group that have come illegally at age 15 or 16 because they've seen what happened to the ones

Jeff Sessions

1:09:46 to 1:10:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: that came before. are we then going to say, you don't get amnesty? no. we will have lost the moral high ground, the right, responsible effort to have a lawful system in america.

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