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Senate Proceeding on Dec 12th, 2007 :: 2:31:30 to 2:35:55
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Jeff Sessions

2:31:11 to 2:31:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: to that end.~ and i yield the floor. mr. cornyn: may i ask how much time is on this side? the presiding officer: 14 minutes. mr. cornyn: i ask that that time be evenly split bween the senator from wyoming

John Barrow

2:31:30 to 2:31:44( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: and the senator from oklahoma, and the senator from arizona. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. mr. barrasso: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent to call up legislation that

John Barrow

2:31:30 to 2:35:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Barrow

John Barrow

2:31:44 to 2:31:56( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: i introduced last month and sk debate and a vote on that today. i want to make a brief comment about what i've seen during this morning's debate. prior to joining the united states senate, i served

John Barrow

2:31:56 to 2:32:10( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: as a member of the wyoming state senate, served as transportation committee chairman there, served on the health committee and the minerals committee. legislation in the wyoming legislature needs

John Barrow

2:32:10 to 2:32:26( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: to be on a single subject. we're prohibited from considering legislation that includes more than one subject, and as a result of the procedural requirements there, amendments t bills are narrowly targeted and

John Barrow

2:32:26 to 2:32:37( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: need to be on the single issue of that bill. the system works well there and we get our work done. the united states senate, of course, works very differently. comprehensive legislation often contains

John Barrow

2:32:37 to 2:32:51( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: multiple topics. they're packaged together, brought to the floor for a single vote. under the rules of the senate, members are allowed and it's their right to offer amendments to these large bills, like

John Barrow

2:32:51 to 2:33:03( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: the ones that are on the desk today that contain clearly morehan one topic. the process is challenge ing, but this body has agreed to do it that way. regrettably, the majority party has tried repeatedly

John Barrow

2:33:03 to 2:33:20( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: to alter that process and deny members the right to offer amendments, whether it's filling the tree, whether it's objecting to consideration of amendments, whether it's refusing to bring bills to the floor,

John Barrow

2:33:20 to 2:33:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: or file ing cloture petitions, the majority party has abused its rights and is attempting to muzzle debate. fortunately, the senate does not give unfettered power to any one party or any one individual.

John Barrow

2:33:32 to 2:33:48( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: the senate has learned over history that attempting to deny the minority these rights is not democrat and will not be support supported by members. i was sent here to be a voice for the people of wyoming,

John Barrow

2:33:48 to 2:34:00( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: and i take that responsibility very seriously. i encourage the majority leadership of the senate to the to develop a process that allows members to call up bills, have theme debate ed, amend -- have them

John Barrow

2:34:00 to 2:34:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: debate ed, amended and voted on by this body. the senate would benefit from this and this is what the public expects us to be dosmg i would now like to turn to the legislation that discourages states from

John Barrow

2:34:16 to 2:34:30( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: issue ing driver's license toils legal immigrants. i introduced the bill november 13, 2007. its senate number 2334. this bill requires states to prove lawful presence before granting a driver's license.

John Barrow

2:34:30 to 2:34:40( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: it requires states to check the social security numbers against a registry before offering a driver's license. states that do not comply with this would lose 10% of their federal transportation

John Barrow

2:34:40 to 2:34:53( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: funds and that money -- those funds would funds would then not go back to the federal government but would be re redistribute ed to the other states that are in compliance with the law. mr. president,

John Barrow

2:34:53 to 2:35:06( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: this is an issue that is vital to our national. it is an issue that the senate has not yet taken up. i believe issue ing issuing drivers' licences to illegal immigrants is an unacceptable threat and an

John Barrow

2:35:06 to 2:35:19( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: avoidable threat to our national security. mr. president, we have a duty and the time is now to start this discussion. and that's why i am asking unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the

John Barrow

2:35:19 to 2:35:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: immediate consideration of s. 2334, a bill to withhold 10% of the federal funding, funding apportioned for highway construction and maintenance from states that issue drivers' licences to individuals

John Barrow

2:35:32 to 2:35:40( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: without verifying the legal status of such individuals. i ask unanimous consent that the bill be read a third time and passed, the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table, and that any statements relate

John Barrow

2:35:40 to 2:35:55( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: ing to the bill appear at this point in the record. the presiding officer: is there objection? ms. stabenow: reserve ing the right to object, mr. president, i would simply indicate this is a very

Debbie Stabenow

2:35:55 to 2:36:14( Edit History Discussion )

Debbie Stabenow: important issue that we need to have a thorough debate on, but at this moment, on behalf of the majority leader, i would object. the presiding officer: objection is heard. mr. barrasso: i'm disappointed

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