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Senate Proceeding on Dec 13th, 2007 :: 1:50:58 to 1:56:38
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Pat Roberts

1:48:04 to 1:50:58( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Pat Roberts

Pat Roberts

1:50:45 to 1:50:58( Edit History Discussion )

Pat Roberts: the senator from kansas for their comments. i appreciate a good discussion on the amendment. and if you wouldn't have come to the floor, we wouldn't have been able to have this good discussion.

Jon Tester

1:50:58 to 1:51:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: so thank you, thank you very much.~ i also want to thank senators harkin and grassley for co cosponsoring this amendment of i particularly want to thank senator harkin for his comments on the floor and also

Jon Tester

1:50:58 to 1:56:38( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jon Tester

Jon Tester

1:51:10 to 1:51:22( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: sator grassley for his comments. senator gassily and i are arguably the two folks in this senate that are in production agriculture. i am very proud that have fafnlgt i know senator grassley is, too.

Jon Tester

1:51:22 to 1:51:36( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: i know everybody in this body wants to make sure that people in production agriculture get their fair share, get a fair shake, not over and above what they desve but just a fair shake. that's what

Jon Tester

1:51:36 to 1:51:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: the farmers want. that's what this farm bill is supposed to be about. in this body we all know that you can only make good decisions if you have good information. and we also know that if you take just

Jon Tester

1:51:49 to 1:52:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: three words -- and i will admit this bill is called "the no justification amendment" amendment." but if you take those three words and you set aside all the other words that are aren't it, they don't mean

Jon Tester

1:52:03 to 1:52:20( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: a heck of a lot and you can interpret them to mean anything you want. i'm not an attorney. i respect those in this body that are and folks around this country that are. but you need to take the

Jon Tester

1:52:20 to 1:52:37( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: entire billnd look at the language as it's inserted into the bill. a farmer has health issues with their herd or a rancher, whether it's pork, chickens or beef or any other livestock that they're

Jon Tester

1:52:37 to 1:52:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: marketin g for food purposes, they don't have to buy it. that isn't restraining trade or commerce. that's not create ing a monopoly. that's what those words revolve around is -- those three words,

Jon Tester

1:52:51 to 1:53:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: "no business justification" ," you've got to take at least the segment before if you're going to get an idea of what it says. it has the effect of restraining commerce or create ing a monopoly, regardless

Jon Tester

1:53:12 to 1:53:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: of any business justification. if you want to put the boots to the ranchers -- it won't happen all the time; let's hope it happens very little of the time -- but the fact is, if we don't put these

Jon Tester

1:53:25 to 1:53:36( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: words in here, if we don't put this amendment on this farm bill to make the packers and stockyards bill what it was originalled passed in 1921 you're not going to have a free market system. you're

Jon Tester

1:53:36 to 1:53:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: going to have a system where four major packers who control 08% of this country's food supply can manipulate the marketplace when they feel like t they may never feel like it, but then again, times

Jon Tester

1:53:49 to 1:54:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: get tough, what the heck, make a few extra bucks, keep the stockholders happy. we talked about -- it was talked about today that it's going to make beef into a generic commodity orco pork into a generic commode

Jon Tester

1:54:06 to 1:54:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: tivment i let the charge on country-of-origin labeling in montana. we passed it in 25. i want our products to be different. i'm all in favor of grass-fed and all those specialize ed things the consumer

Jon Tester

1:54:17 to 1:54:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: wants. this bill does not take that ability away. if you got sick cacialghts you don't have to buy them. if you got angus-certify ied beef, you can market it that way as long as it meets their criteria

Jon Tester

1:54:30 to 1:54:45( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: of certify ied angus beef i'm talking about not of the packers and stockyards act. the fact of the matter is that this is goods for production agriculture. senator grassley talked about farm gate

Jon Tester

1:54:45 to 1:55:02( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: prices. if you want to hold them artificially low and keep put putting subsidies in, these are the kind of things you do. if you want to have a free market system where people get a fair price, the family

Jon Tester

1:55:02 to 1:55:13( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: farms and ranches, cow calf operate ors in this particular cairks this amendment needs to be passed. in close ing, i just want to say one thing. how much time do i have left? the presiding officer:

Jon Tester

1:55:13 to 1:55:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: -- minutes and ten seconds. mr. tester: there's no un unintended consequences here. this is quite straightforward and if you read the language as it goes into the packers and stockyard act it can

Jon Tester

1:55:28 to 1:55:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: be interpret nod other way other than if a company wants to re restrain commerce or create a monopoly, period. it will stop packers from, as senator grassley talked about, dumping cattle on when prices

Jon Tester

1:55:43 to 1:56:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: are high. it will stop that practice and it will make the market work better. in close ing, i once again want to thank the senators from kansas. i want to thank senator grassley and harkin, and i

Jon Tester

1:56:03 to 1:56:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: really ask the body to take this amendment for what it is. it's an amendment that will in indeed support family farm cow calf producers on the ranches of this country. thank you, mr. president. the presiding

Jon Tester

1:56:16 to 1:56:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: officer: who yields time? mr. chambliss: how much time do we have remaining? the presiding officer: the senator from montana has two minutes. the opposition has 7 minutes and 45 seconds. mr. chambliss:

1:56:38 to 1:57:18( Edit History Discussion )

we have a couple more speakers that i understand are on the way and as soon as they arrive, we will yield time to them. mr. tester: may i take control of my two minutes after they speak in case they

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