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Senate Proceeding on Dec 14th, 2010 :: 2:02:45 to 2:11:20
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Christopher S. Bond

2:02:21 to 2:02:45( Edit History Discussion )

Christopher S. Bond: keeping me nimble and the media for keeping me humble. most of all i thank the voters in missouri who sent me to jefferson city three times and to washington, d.c., four times to represent them. there's no greater honor. i have been truly blessed to be entrusted by them with the responsibility of public office. and i thank you from the bottom

Claire McCaskill

2:02:45 to 2:11:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill

2:02:49 to 2:03:11( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: of my heart. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from missouri is recognized.

Claire McCaskill

2:03:12 to 2:03:33( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: mrs. mccaskill: mr. president, i -- i think it goes without saying that there are things that senator bond and i might disagree on, but today is not a time to talk about those things. i would rise just for a few minutes to talk about senator bond and the things that i most respect and admire him for. it could be a very long list,

Claire McCaskill

2:03:34 to 2:03:54( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: and i don't want to take too long, b high points of the things that i think demand paid attention to missouri, they need to respect and admire this man for 42 years he has served the state of missouri, and let's

Claire McCaskill

2:03:55 to 2:04:17( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: start there. he loves the state we call home. i would s better than any living person in the world. he understands it. he is dedicated to it. and he has made missouri his life work. for that he deserves my respe

Claire McCaskill

2:04:18 to 2:04:39( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: and admiration. secondly, he's made major sacrifices to serve. as the leader said he graduated first in his class from virginia university law school, a graduate from princeton. i don't need to explain to anybody in the senate what that could mean in terms of one's

Claire McCaskill

2:04:40 to 2:05:01( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: career in terms of making christopher kit bond could have been wealthy beyond anyone's imagination. he had the intellect, he had the personality to succeed in any business that he engage in and certainly in the practice of law. i think i so much cynicism about the

Claire McCaskill

2:05:02 to 2:05:22( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: people who choose a career of political service. this is a civics classes throughout this country to see this is really what we're talking about. someone who chose not to big bucks, not to travel the halls of power in the private sector, but to toil in the

Claire McCaskill

2:05:23 to 2:05:44( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: fields of being a public servant. and, yes, there are many things about being a public servant that are grand and glorious, but there is a lot that is i would challenge anyone who go to as many as my not admit a little bit of fatigue. i would challenge anyone to have

Claire McCaskill

2:05:45 to 2:06:07( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: attended as many state fairs as my colleague has attended and not confess a little fatigue. i would challenge anyone to go what my dad used to call the slick ham suppers in small communities across the state after a long week of work because he knew there were people the be rewarded by his presence and that it was part of his job that

Claire McCaskill

2:06:08 to 2:06:30( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: he realized was very important. so i am great admiration for the fact that he has toiled in the field of public service for all these years. the their thing that i respect and admire about him is how proud he is of his family and how devoted he is to his wife. it is a wonderful thing to

Claire McCaskill

2:06:31 to 2:06:51( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: behold when someone just ex you'ds love -- exudes love, admiration and devotion to those peop all of us, their family. and i've watched senator bond as he began to really immerse himself in foreign policy, and i know it was because he went to bed every night an woke up every

Claire McCaskill

2:06:52 to 2:07:13( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: morning -- and woke morning thinking of sam and sam's could in the halls of congress to help men and women like sam bond thr fourth, and maybe this is the best one,

Claire McCaskill

2:07:14 to 2:07:35( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: not afraid of a fight. i think that is terrific. you know, missouri's a tough state. it's a tough state in that anybody who tells you their reelection is certain does not know or understand missouri. every election is a battle missouri.

Claire McCaskill

2:07:36 to 2:07:59( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: he has a record of 9-2 in those elections and for our beloved team the missouri tigers, we would take that record any year in football. he's had three campaigns for governor and four campaigns for the united states senate from state of missouri and his record is 9-1 in those elections. let me tell you, that is one

Claire McCaskill

2:08:00 to 2:08:20( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: because in missouri we have some strong-minded folks. we have a bunch of folks on one end that are very loud and they opinion 8ed and they're not going anywhere and we have a that are just as loud and opinionated and they're not going anywhere. but in the middle we have a

Claire McCaskill

2:08:21 to 2:08:46( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: gran stubbornly independent people. i would like to say that they elected john harriet woods in the same election. my colleague knows who he is and we know these are two people, john ashcroft an harriette woods who believed in nothing in common.

Claire McCaskill

2:08:47 to 2:09:08( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: they had completely divergent views of the world. i'll tell you what that grand and stubborn streak wants, they want someone with a smile. check for kit bond. when you think of kit think of him smiling. even if his teeth are gritted and he's telling you something you don't want to hear or you can tell he's angry at you, he is still grinning.

Claire McCaskill

2:09:09 to 2:09:30( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: they appreciate his intellect. he has always been an intellectual giant and that is important in -- when toiling the fields of public service. his integrity. there was never a doubt in all of these years of kit bond's service that this was not a man of the very highest integrity.

Claire McCaskill

2:09:31 to 2:09:51( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: and, finally, a work ethic. and yee-howdy missourians want a work ethic. they want somebody who understands that they're working hard and they want to see you working hard and that's exactly what senator bond has done for these 42 he's worked very, very hard. even now to planting his chestnut trees himself on the

Claire McCaskill

2:09:52 to 2:10:12( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: farm in mexico. so the magic formula smile, intellect, integrity, and an amazing work ethic has put him in the same category as some of missouri's very greatest from

Claire McCaskill

2:10:13 to 2:10:35( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: christopher kit bond, he has shown the world and shown our country what hard work, what somebody who loves the middle of america and all that it represents can do in the united states senator. he has been a wonderful role mo missouri, even if we don't alwa and, by the way, i will tell this story today that when i

Claire McCaskill

2:10:36 to 2:10:56( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: took my desk in the state auditor's office, there is a tradition that all of the previous state auditor's pictures are around your office at the top on a poet yes rail the top -- photo rail at the top. i stat down at my desk on the first day and looked up and who was directly across from me?

Claire McCaskill

2:10:57 to 2:11:18( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: i will confess, i moved the order so i didn't have to look at both of you every single day. but you were a reminder to me that there is many different ways to serve and great deal say farewell to senator kit bond in the united states senate. he has served here well. he has served his state well.

Claire McCaskill

2:11:19 to 2:11:20( Edit History Discussion )

Claire McCaskill: i hope he remains a colleague and friend of mine for many

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