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Senate Proceeding 12-14-10 on Dec 14th, 2010 :: 2:37:00 to 2:40:35
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Ron Wyden

2:36:57 to 2:37:18( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: urgent need our nation faces today. mr. president, i yield the floor to senator wyden. mr. wyden: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from or our -- from oregon. mr. wyden: thank you, mr. president. i want to thank senator chambliss for his important work. tomorrow it will be even more?? important give than this agreement will pass tonight. mr. president, there is always

Ron Wyden

2:37:00 to 2:40:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden

2:37:19 to 2:37:40( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: another election around the corner, a big array of special interest groups that need to be satisfied, and a constant stream of public opinion polling that politicians live and die for. why take action that could offend a group today if you can put it off for a while?

Ron Wyden

2:37:41 to 2:38:01( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: the agreement that will pass tonight, in my view, is a victory for the politics of procrastination. at a time when americans are swimming in debt, more water will be put into the pool. instead of taking steps to fix

Ron Wyden

2:38:02 to 2:38:22( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: the market distorting, job-killing tax code, last overhauled a quarter century of ago when china and india were blimps in the global economy, this tonight will prop up our broken tax code. millions of americans are out of work, small businesses are closing their door, and instead

Ron Wyden

2:38:23 to 2:38:43( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: of finding permanent solutions to the problem, the agreement is smiling like scarlet o'hara saying, "fiddle de-de. i'll think about it tomorrow." mr. president, it did not have to be this way. as senator warner and colleagues have mention the, there was a blueprint provided by the deficit commission. i don't happen to agree with

Ron Wyden

2:38:44 to 2:39:04( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: everything, but clearly it was a very important blueprint. in the 1980's -- and i see senator alexander clearly remembers those days -- president reagan and democrats worked for bipartisan tax reform to clean out the loopholes, hold down the rates and keep progressivity.

Ron Wyden

2:39:05 to 2:39:25( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: in the two years, colleagues, after democrats and ronald reagan worked together, our economy grew by 6.3 million jobs, twice -- twice the number that were created between 2001 and 2008 when tax policy was purely partisan.

Ron Wyden

2:39:26 to 2:39:47( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: i don't think if had to be this way -- i don't think it had to be this way. senator warner and senator chambliss tried very hard to add a provision that might at some point insert consequences for inaction. colleagues -- and i'll close with this -- nothing will happen in this town, where there is this culture of process crassty

Ron Wyden

2:39:48 to 2:40:09( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: nation, unless there aren't some consequences for inaction. there are provisions in this measure tonight that i support very strongly: unemployment insurance, help for the middle class, a small business. i was willing to extend the whole bush-era program for a year in order to force action. but that's not going to be done.

Ron Wyden

2:40:10 to 2:40:31( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: tonight i intend to vote "no." tomorrow i will be back with senator warner and senator chambliss to build on the good work of the deficit commission, billetebuild on the good work that democrats and ronald reagan did in the 1980's to give us a model so that finally in this country we tackle the major problems: debt reduction and fixing the

Ron Wyden

2:40:32 to 2:40:36( Edit History Discussion )

Ron Wyden: job-killing tax code to bring back the middle class to the prosperity they deserve. mr. president, i yield the

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