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Senate Proceeding on Dec 15th, 2010 :: 8:22:00 to 8:29:05
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Johnny Isakson

8:21:56 to 8:22:16( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: thank you, i yield the floor. mr. isakson: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from georgia. mr. isakson: i commend the senator from california for her remarks as a member of foreign relations. i will talk about a treaty but at another time because there is one more pressing matter i'd like to discuss this evening for

Johnny Isakson

8:22:00 to 8:29:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Johnny Isakson

Johnny Isakson

8:22:17 to 8:22:37( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: a second. we now have before us the start treaty, but on a parallel track we have before us the question of financing this government through the end of the fiscal year next year. there are three alternatives available to us. one of them is a continuing resolution through the end of next year. one of them is a continuing resolution that is modified with an omnibus appropriation that is put on top of it, which i

Johnny Isakson

8:22:38 to 8:22:59( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: understand is the plan. and there is a third option, which is the short-term c.r. it's to that question which i rise tonight to address for just a few moments. 43 days ago i ran for reelection to the united states senate. for two years i traveled the state of georgia campaigning for my reelection. and throughout that campaign,

Johnny Isakson

8:23:00 to 8:23:20( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: there were three guiding issues that i focused on. one was tax policy that, at a time of economic recession, difficulty and high unemployment, the worst thing for to us do is raise the taxes of the american people, and in particular small business, which hires the majority of the american people. that is one. number two, i campaigned on the

Johnny Isakson

8:23:21 to 8:23:41( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: fact that we didn't have a revenue problem near as much as we had a spending problem. we needed to ask of ourselves as united states senators what every american family has had to ask of themselves at home. they've sat around the kitchen table, they've looked at what their income was, they've looked at what it now; they've looked at their priorities and reprioritized their money

Johnny Isakson

8:23:42 to 8:24:02( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: because times have been tough and they have been difficult. they did that because they have to. they don't have the luxury of credit and borrowing and borrowing and borrowing like our government has, which takes me to the third point i ran on the campaign. that is unsustainable debt will make this democracy an unsustainable country. one of the things that i understand a little bit about from having been in the real

Johnny Isakson

8:24:03 to 8:24:24( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: estate business is leverage. leverage is a powerful thing to be able to do things, but too much leverage can destroy even the best of people or the best of ideas. and we are rapidly approaching a time where we owe entirely too much money. i'd love to tell the story about a lesson i learned in good politics. i know the presiding officer has

Johnny Isakson

8:24:25 to 8:24:46( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: had the same kind of lessons he learned. i was in albany, georgia, making a speech in november of 2009. i kept talking about a trillion this and a trillion that. this farmer at the back of the room raised his hand and said senator isakson, i only graduateed from doherty county high school. i don't understand how much a trillion is.

Johnny Isakson

8:24:47 to 8:25:10( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: can you explain. i babbled and finally said it is a lot. i couldn't think of a way to quantify $1 trillion. i got home and my wife said what is wrong with you? i said i got stumped in albany. she said what was the question? i said the question was how much is a trillion. she said what did you stphaeu i

Johnny Isakson

8:25:11 to 8:25:32( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: said tass -- she said why don't you figure out how many years have to go by for a trillion seconds to pass. i said that is a terrific idea. i pulled my calculator out and multiplied 60 seconds by 60 minutes to get the number of seconds in an hour. multiplied that times 24. multiplied that times 365, the number of seconds in a year. do you know how many years have

Johnny Isakson

8:25:33 to 8:25:54( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: to go by for a trillion seconds to pass? 31,709 years. i put an asterisk by that product because i didn't count leap years. every fourth years there is an extra day so i know that will throw the number off a little bit. we owe $13 trillion, not just one. it is an astronomical a. money,

Johnny Isakson

8:25:55 to 8:26:15( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: an amount of money we ought to quantify and lower in two ways. one is the prosperity of the american people. as prosperity goes up, revenues come back to us, the government. first and most importantly, we've got to get our arms around spending. i'm deeply opposed to putting an omnibus appropriations bill on this c.r. that's coming to the

Johnny Isakson

8:26:16 to 8:26:37( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: senate and passing an omnibus appropriation on 12 appropriation units in a short time debate without the transparency we need. now i'm not a johnny-come-lately -- pardon the phrase -- to this particular position because in the house of representatives when president bush brought an omnibus budget to the house, i voted against it. i voted against it last fall on a number of occasions when we had omnibus appropriations bills

Johnny Isakson

8:26:38 to 8:26:59( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: matched up coming to the senate floor under president obama. it is a bad way to do business. by rolling all those things together, you don't have the scrutiny, the oversoothe or under -- oversight or understanding are where the money is going and the tendency to push money beyond your limits

Johnny Isakson

8:27:00 to 8:27:21( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: becomes a reality. we've got to make some hard decisions. we've got to execute some tough love. we've got to have some shared sacrifice. and we've got to do it quickly. time has run out on the american government, and our american budget process without substantial reform, which is why it would be a tragic mistake for us sometime this week or this

Johnny Isakson

8:27:22 to 8:27:44( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: weekend to ratify or to adopt an omnibus appropriations bill and send it to the house of representatives. there's an underlying reason why i don't support that and that's because i think a short term c.r. makes a lot more sense because a short term c.r. will put the senate in position of debating the rest of next year's spending under the cloud of the debt ceiling which is going to

Johnny Isakson

8:27:45 to 8:28:06( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: confront us in april or may or the middle of march. if we pass a c.r. or omnibus that goes beyond that date to the end of next year, september 30, we have no leverage to address the subject of raising the debt ceiling. and it's time we stopped borrowing to spend more money that we do not have. so, mr. president, i come tonight at a time where i know the pending business is the start treaty, which i will

Johnny Isakson

8:28:07 to 8:28:27( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: address on another occasion. but to point out why i'm so deeply disappointed that we're rushing to judgment on an omnibus appropriations spending bill at a time the american people want us focusing on our spending, focusing on the deficit and improving the way we do business. and i will vote against an omnibus appropriations bill. i will vote against cloture on the bill.

Johnny Isakson

8:28:28 to 8:28:51( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: and i will support a short-term c.r. that's the best way for us to set up an occasion next year where we address our priorities in the right order and at the right time. mr. president, i yield back the and i suggest the absence of a the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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