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Senate Proceeding on Dec 16th, 2010 :: 6:07:50 to 6:14:25
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Richard Burr

6:07:46 to 6:08:08( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: th yield the floor.

Richard Burr

6:07:50 to 6:14:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Richard Burr

Richard Burr

6:08:09 to 6:08:30( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: a senator: mr. president? mr. burr: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from snorting car. mr. burr: mr. president -- the presiding officer: the senator from from north carolina. mr. burr: are we working from already arranged times, i ask the chair. the presiding officer: there is no operating u.c. for time at this moment. mr. burr: i thank the president.

Richard Burr

6:08:31 to 6:08:51( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: mr. president, i'd like to make some introductory remarks about the start treaty this afternoon. my real interest lies in the closed session which will take place at a later date. but this is an important debate, and i have deep respect for not just the chairman, but for the ranking member. but like all members, have a

Richard Burr

6:08:52 to 6:09:14( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: passion for this issue, and i'd like to make some general comments at this time about it. the threat of nuclear engagement between the united states and russia has diminished greatly since we began arms reduction talks with the soviets in the 1970's. and it's a credit to the agreements of past years that the strategic relationship between the united states and russia has evolved to a point

Richard Burr

6:09:15 to 6:09:38( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: where americans and russians no longer fear a war between nato and war saw powers. the world has changed in many ways for the better as a result of those bilateral arms reduction efforts. but today the united states and our allies face emerging and destabilizing nuclear threats from rogue nations and nonstate actors who have shown no

Richard Burr

6:09:39 to 6:10:01( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: willingness to follow accepted international standards or adhere to nonproliferation treaties. while the new start treaty continues an historic dialogue between two great nations, i'm concerned that negotiated language in this treaty, especially wording in its preamble about -- and i quote --

Richard Burr

6:10:02 to 6:10:22( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: "existence of the interrelationship between strategic offensive arms and stpreupblg strategic defensive arms" may trigger a subtle yet offensive move between offensive and defensive weapons.

Richard Burr

6:10:23 to 6:10:43( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: words have meaning, mr. president, and treaty language is not filler. i can only conclude that this specific commitment reflects to the current thinking of the president and his administration, which is a departure from their predecessors in past administrations and offers the

Richard Burr

6:10:44 to 6:11:06( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: russians a reason to leverage the treaty to their distinct advantage with respect to our efforts to improve upon our missile defenses. even if a treaty such as the new start had a place in today's world, several key issues are lacking in the treaty that this body should and would have to address.

Richard Burr

6:11:07 to 6:11:29( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: one, the treaty does not address russia's tactical nuclear weapons. two, this treaty does nothing to address stored warheads. three, this treaty is silent on rail mobile icbms. four, this treaty allows the russians to encrypt and hide

Richard Burr

6:11:30 to 6:11:52( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: missile test data for all new nuclear weapons they develop. this treaty places limits on our nonnuclear conventional global strike weapons, unheard of in the past. this treaty submits and subjects our nation's objectives in missile defense to the review

Richard Burr

6:11:53 to 6:12:15( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: and approval of the kremlin. and this treaty ignores the nuclear capabilities, stkaoeurbgs ambitions -- desires, ambitions and plans of nation and nonnation actors who seek to undermine and harm u.s. national security interests. many pundits have spoken about the urgent need to get the u.s. inspectors on the ground in

Richard Burr

6:12:16 to 6:12:37( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: russia to verify the state of their nuclear weapons system and to verify compliance. but when one examines the inspection protocols within this treaty, it will be clear that we must give such advanced notification and jump through so many multiple hoops just to get approval to visit a site that by

Richard Burr

6:12:38 to 6:12:59( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: the time an inspection begins, there's a high likelihood we will only see what the russians want us to see, and nothing more. other supporters of this treaty contend that by ratifying new start, we further enhance our relationship and leverage with the russians. with respect to the

Richard Burr

6:13:00 to 6:13:22( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: destabilizing threats posted by north korea and iran. but the russians already recognize the problems posed by these two countries because they are along their borders. the russians should not require this treaty as an incentive to protect their own regional interests. for these reasons, i remain concerned that by ratifying new start, the united states senate

Richard Burr

6:13:23 to 6:13:45( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: would be allowing an outdated and narrow agenda to constrain our defense flexibilities and capabilities at the very point in history where we need a clear-eyed view of the real threats on the horizon. there is no urgent need to ratify new start this week, next

Richard Burr

6:13:46 to 6:14:09( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: week, or even next year. given the numerous flaws in this treaty, to say nothing of the flawed, backward-looking process that developed it, it's prudent for the senate to work upon twaoeuz improve upon the treat -- ways to improve upon the treaty in order to better ensure the strategic interest of the united states and to make

Richard Burr

6:14:10 to 6:14:27( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: sure that it is fully protected. mr. president, and my colleagues, our nation does need a new start in our relationship with russia. it needs a new approach. this treaty represents an old approach based on cold war relationships. and in my estimation it should

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