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Senate Proceeding on Dec 18th, 2010 :: 4:16:00 to 4:24:00
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Patrick Leahy

4:15:56 to 4:16:19( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: to vote in favor of this very important amendment. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from mr. leahy: mr. president, thank you. i know in a couple hours we'll

Patrick Leahy

4:16:00 to 4:24:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy

4:16:20 to 4:16:41( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: be voting on a repeal of don't ask, don't tell. i know we've been able to go past the filibuster of it, and i'd like to speak about that just for a few minutes. partisan rancor seems to seize the senate on so many issues this year, but i want to at

Patrick Leahy

4:16:42 to 4:17:02( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: least this one count, i'm encouraged and i'm hopeful. there is yet sufficient bipartisan agreement to repeal the discriminatory don't ask, don't tell policy before this congress ends. and i commend the senators who havhave pledged to support the repeal. of course, i renew my own

Patrick Leahy

4:17:03 to 4:17:25( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: commitment to this worthy effort. it is well past time to put an end to this discriminatory and harmful policy. today in the united states senate, the stage is set again for one of the major civil rights victories of our lifetimes. and years from now, i hope that historians will give good cause to rember this day as the day

Patrick Leahy

4:17:26 to 4:17:46( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: when the two parties overcame superficial differences to advance the pursuit of equal rights for all americans. after much effort and just as much study and discussion, the senate will finally proceed to an up-or-down vote on repealing this counterproductive policy. for too long, we have said let's

Patrick Leahy

4:17:47 to 4:18:07( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: vote maybe. it's not quite ready for a vote. let's get the filibuster going. well, mr. president, i think most americans expect united states senators -- after all, there's only a hundred of us -- they expect us to come here and either vote yes or vote no, not vote maybe.

Patrick Leahy

4:18:08 to 4:18:29( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: a filibuster is voting maybe. so senators who keep saying i want to think about it more, i want to go longer, we've had years of study. this afternoon, mr. president, it's time for every man and woman in this body to step forward and vote either yes or no. and for those who still harbor

Patrick Leahy

4:18:30 to 4:18:51( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: concerns that enacting this repeal would somehow harm readiness, one simple fact is the clearest answer -- gay and lesbian americans already serve honorably in the u.s. armed forces and they've always done. so there's no doubt that they've served in the military since the earliest days of the republic.

Patrick Leahy

4:18:52 to 4:19:12( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: the only reason they could do so then and now, even under today's discriminatory policy, is because they displayed the same conduct and professionalism that we would expect from all our men and women in uniform. they are no different than anyone else. they should be treated no differently. as one combat veteran said, i

Patrick Leahy

4:19:13 to 4:19:33( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: don't care whether the soldier next to me is straight or not. i care whether he can shoot straight or not. and ending this policy will bring to an end years of force discriminatory and secrecy. giving these troops the right to

Patrick Leahy

4:19:34 to 4:19:55( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: serve openly, allowing them to be honest about who they are, will not cause disciplined service members to suddenly become distracted on the battlefield. it is pandering to suggest that they would be. but that's not only my view. the chairman of the join chiefs, admiral mullen, has said time and time again that this is

Patrick Leahy

4:19:56 to 4:20:16( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: the right thing to do, it will not harm our military readiness. mr. president, gay soldiers and straight soldiers have fought and died for our country throughout the history of this country. gay soldiers and straight soldiers have fought and died

Patrick Leahy

4:20:17 to 4:20:37( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: for our country in iraq and afghanistan. i think of one of the editorial cartoons showing parents at a military graveyard, and they're looking at the grave of their son. and one says, "they didn't ask."

Patrick Leahy

4:20:38 to 4:21:02( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: and the other said, "and he didn't tell." look at this. look at this, look at this. three coffins draped in flags. and the caption is: "which is

Patrick Leahy

4:21:03 to 4:21:23( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: the gay one?" mr. leahy: mr. president, like so many other senators, i've walked on a quiet day through the graveyard at arlington national cemetery i've seen dates going back long before i was born.

Patrick Leahy

4:21:24 to 4:21:45( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: i see people who died in world wars, died in korea ago, died in vietnam, who died now in -- in iraq and afghanistan. and i look at the names, some from my own state, and like everybody else who walks through there, i think of the sacrifice

Patrick Leahy

4:21:46 to 4:22:08( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: of these people, the sacrifice of their families, the life that would not be led, the children who might not know a parent, the brother who might not know his sister, or a sister who might not know a bro a brother, parents who

Patrick Leahy

4:22:09 to 4:22:32( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: are burying their child. of course, in the natural order, children bury their parents. here, parents have buried their child. does anybody look at those graves and say, "move this one because we just found out that

Patrick Leahy

4:22:33 to 4:22:54( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: soldier die who died in battle was gay"? mr. president, if anybody asked to do that, there would be an uproar in this country. so i ask, why any question about them serving? every member of our armed services should be judged solely on his or her contribution to the mission. repealing don't ask, don't tell

Patrick Leahy

4:22:55 to 4:23:16( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: would ensure that we stay true to the principles on which our great nation was founded. we ask our troops to protect freedom around the globe. isn't it time, mr. president, that we protect their basic freedoms and equal rights here at home. throughout our history, the

Patrick Leahy

4:23:17 to 4:23:38( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: senate has shown its ability to reflect and illuminate the nation's deepest ideals and the nation's conscience. it is my hope that the senate will rise to this occasion by breaking through the partisan din to proceed to debate, as we have, and now vote on repealing this discriminatory and

Patrick Leahy

4:23:39 to 4:23:59( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: counterproductive policy. mr. president, i see my good friend and neighbor from across the connecticut river, senator shaheen, and i see the good -- my friend and colleague -- and i apologize, i did not see him -- the senator from north dakota, and i know he's waiting. i'll yield to him. and it's my understanding

Patrick Leahy

4:24:00 to 4:24:01( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: senator shaheen will be

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