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Senate Proceeding on Dec 18th, 2010 :: 5:27:20 to 5:35:25
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Jeff Sessions

5:27:18 to 5:27:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: missle defense and prohibit the u. u.s. missle defense plans in the future. mr. sessions: mr. president? the presiding of

Jeff Sessions

5:27:20 to 5:35:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

5:27:39 to 5:28:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: senator from alabama. mr. sessions: mr. president, i would ask to be notified after six minutes. i want to thank senator kyl and senator mccain for their leadership on this issue. and state that i believe the mccain amendment is perhaps the most critical amendment

Jeff Sessions

5:28:01 to 5:28:22( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: this -- that will be raised during this debate walk the future of missle defense is critically important for america. i chaired the -- the subcommittee on stratigic forces and armed services committee. i'm been a member of it for years and i know how long in the history of awful.

Jeff Sessions

5:28:23 to 5:28:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: this it's -- all of this. it's gone on for a great deal of time. i believe that missle defense is critical to our national security. we invested billions of dollars over 30 years plus and now that we're deploying in alaska and california, it is proving to be

Jeff Sessions

5:28:44 to 5:29:05( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: -- a shield that will work. we had plans to deploy a site in central europe. the bush administration noartd with the pols and the czechs and they signed agreements that they would allow a radar base in the czech republic and missle base in poland. when president obama was elected, the russians

Jeff Sessions

5:29:06 to 5:29:27( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: immediately started pushing back on our missle defense plans for reasons i've never fully understood. i mean, we're only talking about 10 defensive missles against hundreds -- hundreds, maybe thousands of thousands russian launched vehicles. it would in no way threaten their power.

Jeff Sessions

5:29:28 to 5:29:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: some experts, and i'm inclined to agree, it related more to the russian concern that we have a defense relationship with the czechs and pols. but i don't know. for some reason it's been a big deal and they've pushed back very hard. the bush administration has a -- in "the wall street journal,"

Jeff Sessions

5:29:49 to 5:30:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: op-ed said that they pushed back on it at that time.and they said they wouldn't signa treaty unless we agreed not to proceed with missile defense. and he said, no deal. and they insisted. they said, no deal. they said, we won't have a treaty if you don't agree.

Jeff Sessions

5:30:12 to 5:30:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: he said, well, we won't have a treaty. we don't have a treaty with england, india, pakistan. we don't have to have a treaty with you. we're bringing our numbers down anyway. and you're bringing yours down anyway. but we'd like to have a treaty, but we're not going to limit our missile defense. and the russians signed that treaty.

Jeff Sessions

5:30:33 to 5:30:53( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: so now we come and they start the same bluster against the obama administration, but, unfortunately, they gave in. these negotiations started early in the year. the treaty negotiations started in march of 2009.

Jeff Sessions

5:30:54 to 5:31:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: and by september of 2009, president obama unilaterally announced, to the shock of our polish and czech allies, that we're not going forward with the polish site. much to the delight of the russians, who'd achieved a significant victory in a negotiating point that had gone

Jeff Sessions

5:31:17 to 5:31:39( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: on for many, many years. so to say that this treaty has nothing to do with missile defense is not correct. and, did the russians say "thank you," we're so glad that -- we'll be glad to work with you on the treaty? no they still wanted language in the treaty that put them in a

Jeff Sessions

5:31:40 to 5:32:01( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: position to walk away from this treaty anytime they wanted to, if we deploy a missile defense system in europe. and they got it in there, in the preamble. and it leaves not just an ambiguity, as i think i said earlier, it's really a misunderstanding, or a

Jeff Sessions

5:32:02 to 5:32:23( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: disagreement, of a central issue. repeated russian statements indicate they believe if we move forward quantitatively or qualitatively with a missile defense system, then they would have a right to get out of the treaty. and i can hear what would happen in the senate if we start deploying a missile defense system in europe and a lot of our colleagues would say, oh, if we do that, the russians will

Jeff Sessions

5:32:24 to 5:32:44( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: get out of the treaty. we can't do that. it will make it difficult. in addition, the system we were going to deploy was the g.b.i. two-stage missile in central europe, in poland. the president stopped that. it was ready and able to be deployed by 2016.

Jeff Sessions

5:32:45 to 5:33:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: it's the same system we have in the united states except it's two-stage instead of three. and the national intelligence estimate shows that iran can reach the united states with an icbm -- and now they're developing nuclear weapons -- they can do it by 2015. so we were trying to get this

Jeff Sessions

5:33:07 to 5:33:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: system in by 2016. but when they canceled this thing, it caused a big uproar. the white house says, well, don't worry. never heard about, a member of the strategic committee. we got a new plan. we're going to do an sm-3 block iib.

Jeff Sessions

5:33:30 to 5:33:52( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: well, have you started on it? no. is it under development? no. it's a bigger missile than the sm-3. the presiding officer: the senator has consumed six minutes of his time. mr. sessions: i thank the chair. and so it's a different thing. and it would be ready only by 20.

Jeff Sessions

5:33:53 to 5:34:13( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: so i contend that this administratioadministration, as part of the negotiations over this treaty and their too-anxious desire to get this treaty, too-anxious desire to reset the relationship with the russians, which we of course would like to do, made a very serious error in

Jeff Sessions

5:34:14 to 5:34:34( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: capitulating on the third site, sending shock waves among our sovereign nation allies in central europe that used to be a part of the soviet empire, and they have made concessions that are significant. as a matter of fact, they pretend it had nothing to do

Jeff Sessions

5:34:35 to 5:34:55( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: with the treaty, but i would say that there's no doubt anyone -- anyone -- no doubt that the abandonment of the polish site was a way to gain support of the russians as part of the negotiations in this treaty. and we now have this ephemeral

Jeff Sessions

5:34:56 to 5:35:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: vision of a 2020 entirely new missile system for poland that may or may not ever reach fruition. so that's what one of my concerns are. this mccain amendment would say, let's get this straight with the russians. let's make congress know that it requires a new negotiation with the russians. so be it. maybe we can reach and

Jeff Sessions

5:35:17 to 5:35:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: understanding and you should never enter a treaty or any contract in which the parties have a serious misunderstanding or actual disagreement son a

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