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Senate Proceeding on Dec 19th, 2010 :: 2:15:45 to 2:21:15
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Jeff Sessions

2:15:36 to 2:15:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the senator from idaho. mr. risch: the proponents of the amendment have how much timeleft? the presiding officer: 15 minutes. mr. risch: we've 15 minutes left, other than my 10 minutes of closing? the presiding officer: that's correct.

Jeff Sessions

2:15:45 to 2:21:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

2:15:57 to 2:16:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: mr. risch: i would yield the floor to senator sessions. mr. sessions: mr. president, i would be asked to be vied of four minutes. mr. president, i think senator risch is correct and senator chambliss is correct to make the point that tactical nuclear weapons are more available for

Jeff Sessions

2:16:19 to 2:16:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: theft and to transship than -- th strategic nuclear weapons and it is a high policy of the united states to reduce the risk of terrorists obtaining weapons of this kind, and this treaty does nothing about that.

Jeff Sessions

2:16:42 to 2:17:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: it does nothing about tactical nuclear weapons, which the russians care about; it is a big part apparently of their defense strategy. and they gave not one wit on it. and whereas our president, who says he wants to move towards zero nuclear weapons in the

Jeff Sessions

2:17:05 to 2:17:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: world, a fan taft cal view -- a fantastical view really, one which endangers our world, creates instability around the world and would he create more national security risk -- did not negotiate this in any effective way. i think that was a failure of the treaty, a failure of negotiations, another example of

Jeff Sessions

2:17:26 to 2:17:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the fact that we wanted the treaty too badly for what i guess is primarily public relations matters rather than substantive matters. that's just the way i see t and so the russians have been steadily reducing our strategic weapons. we're reducing ours.

Jeff Sessions

2:17:48 to 2:18:09( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: and this strategic relationship has been moving along. it does not have to have a treaty. we'd like to have a treaty. i think the russians would probably like to have a treaty. but it's not essential that we have one, if they won't agree to some of the things that are important, like tactical nuclear weapons.

Jeff Sessions

2:18:10 to 2:18:31( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i do think that this is a weakness in the treaty, and i'm disappointed our negotiators didn't insist on it. mr. fies said, he said that

Jeff Sessions

2:18:32 to 2:18:53( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the -- you just have to say no. and then you can move forward once the russians know we're not going to give. but they will push, push, push until you -- they are satisfied you are not going to give on it. and then they will make a rational decision at that point whether to go forward with the treaty or not go forward with the treaty.

Jeff Sessions

2:18:54 to 2:19:14( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: he said "no" on curtailment of missile defense in 2002678 the russians insisted, insisted, insisted and he said finally, no treaty. we don't have a treaty with china, with england, we don't have one with india. they have nuclear weapons. we don't have to have one with you. we'd like to.

Jeff Sessions

2:19:15 to 2:19:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: and at that point the russians conceded and agreed. so i don't think we negotiated this at autumn. we do not need to continue with this large disparity between tactical wea in the united states and russia. i appreciate senator risch for raising it. i'll perhaps talk a little later

Jeff Sessions

2:19:36 to 2:19:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: about the national missile defense question and president obama's letter. but president obama's letter -- the presiding officer: the senator has consumed four minutes. mr. sessions: i'll finish up. mr. kerry: will the senator yield for just a question? mr. sessions: on my time or yours? mr. kerry: we can share the time. depends on how long you take to answer.

Jeff Sessions

2:19:58 to 2:20:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: mr. sessions: well, i'm not giving up any time on this side on the president's letter. what it fails to acknowledge is that we were on the cusp of implanting a g.b.i. in europe about 2016, and that was completely given up in the

Jeff Sessions

2:20:19 to 2:20:40( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: course of these negotiations. this is the same missile we have in the ground in alaska and california. that was given up, and we're now proceeding with a phase iv theory that might be completed by 2020 if congress appropriates the money for the next five congresses, and some president

Jeff Sessions

2:20:41 to 2:21:02( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: who's then in office, not president obama ten years from now, is still supportive and pushes it through and congress passes it. so this is a big mistake. we made a major, major concession on national missile defense, and even put words in the treaty that compromise our ability to do the new treaty,

Jeff Sessions

2:21:03 to 2:21:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: because -- the statement of mr. putin that we'll be obliged to take action in response did not say just g.b.i. it also referred to the

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