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Senate Proceeding on Dec 20th, 2009 :: 0:56:45 to 1:02:05
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Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: and i'd like to ask him about his comments with respect to where we are. mr. is senator from texas and the senator from south carolina and my senior senator from george george, we all represent -- the senator from georgia, we all represent the people that v for us. and with regard to popularity and about the way people feel about this legislation, i'd like to ask unanimous consent to introduce into the record two

Johnny Isakson

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Speech By: Johnny Isakson

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: letters, one from the medical association of georgia and one from a consolidated group of medical representing 92,000 physicians. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. isakson: and i want to tell what you these letters say. the first -- the first one is to me from president gary c. richter, the president of the georgia medical association -- medical association of georgia,

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: who writes in great detail about the difficulties and the problems that they have with this legislation, beginning with its stonewall against tort reform by only putting in a demonstration project. and the senator from texas is aware of what tort reform can do because his state has made a great improvement in medical malpractice costs because of tort reform and we in georgia have tried to experience the

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: same type of thing. but many other reasons are in here as well. and the interesting thing about the letter from the 92,000 physicians represented by their medical associations, they talk not only about what's in the bill but what's not in the bill, and i want to read, if i can, one paragraph to demonstrate that point. our concerns about this legislation also extend to what is not in the bill.

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: the right to privacy contract is a touchstone of american freedom and liberty. patients should have the right to choose their doctor and enter into agreements for the fees and for those services without penalty. currt medicare patients are denied that right. by guaranteeing all patients the right to privately contract with their physicians without penalty penalty, patients will have the graifort access to the -- greater access to the physicians

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: and the government will have budget certainty. nothing in the patient protection and affordable care act addresses those fundamental tenets which we believe are essential components of real health system reform." that's a pretty strong same from 92,000 american physicians about this particular piece of legislation. and to follow up on the point made by the distinguished senator from south carolina,

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: i've got a vested intvmen just got my med -- i've got a vested interest. i just got my medicare card. december 1, i became medicare eligible. so when you talk about cutting $474 bil t. gets personal for all other seniors and think about it. seniors in america have paid their entire lives, or at least sie 1966, when medicare was created, have paid a tax and

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: they're -- their employs have paid a payroll tax to go -- their employers have paid a payroll tax to go into a trust fund to pay for their health care after they're 65 year years old. we're now basically saying, the senator from south carolina, we're going to take $474 biion of the tax money you have paid over years of the work and we're going to put it in a play to pay for somebody else's health care.

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: i mean, that's basically what it does. and that's patently wrong. one other thing i want to mention that i -- that is critical to me. there's been a lot -- and, you know, we are all professionals at what do. we all argue from our point of view. and i understand that and respect that. but something was said earlier today which draws me to have a

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: flashback to kind of make a point about how much we've tried on this side to contribute to improvements in health care and better access for all. the very distinguished majority whip commented that he had talked to some realtors and that one -- three in four realtors were uninsured and this bill was going to help they will.

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: the the rean is they're not able to form risk groups together associated and affiliated as a like practice. because of the i.r.s. code, the company's employer, who has independent contractors working for them, cannot, by law, provide them with medical insurance. in 2006, on the floor of the

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: united states senate, 57 republicans and democrats associated health care bill, or the small business access to health reform. 57 out of 100. we needed 60, just like this bill needed to get to cloture. that bill would have allowed associated professions to join together, compete for insurance

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: nationwide, form risk pools that are large enough to mediate and ameliorate high rates. and so he was correct in his statement. the reason they don't is that they have to buy in the spot market because they can't have a group when they buy in the spot

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: market, they're talking abou about $1,800, $2,000 a month, which is unaffordable and unsustainable. this bill does nothing to address that. this is one of the holes in the uninsured. those insured are going -- uninsured are going to be those type of people.

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: i was proud to be part of the 57, along with the other distinguished senators on the floorks and a number of democrats. there have been lots of efforts made by people on both sides to get better access to health care, but, unfortunately, they've been blocked all over this philosophical argument whether it will be government provided or competive in the private sector.

Johnny Isakson

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Johnny Isakson: the shift of state is moving toward the government provision, with this legislation, which is one of the reasons i oppose it.

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