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Senate Proceeding on Dec 20th, 2009 :: 2:40:35 to 2:46:35
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Richard Burr

2:40:35 to 2:46:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Richard Burr

Richard Burr

2:40:50 to 2:41:10( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: pages, and we got a score. today we get a notice om congressional budget office saying that in their score, they made a half a trillion error, a $500 billion, half a trillion dollar error in the projection that they gave -- sent to congress.

Richard Burr

2:41:11 to 2:41:33( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: 24 hours, half a trillion dollars. now, bother those that are the authors of the bill? it's because it's money. it's the american people's money, and that's the only way that you could rationalize how you could be in washington talking spending $2.5 trillion, at best,

Richard Burr

2:41:34 to 2:41:54( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: to stop waste, fraud, and abuse. because let's face it, republicans and democrats agree there is no health care reform in here. there is a coverage expansion, but there is reform.

Richard Burr

2:41:55 to 2:42:16( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: de floor and said we lie. i'm not lying. show me the health care show me where you have drasticcally changed, transf if you transform health care, then you wouldn't have to steal steal $464 billion from medicare.

Richard Burr

2:42:39 to 2:42:59( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: sit in the back room where the legislation is constructed. it's shared with us when they are but they use everybody's money. tell me how american people. when nebraska gets a sweetheart

Richard Burr

2:43:00 to 2:43:24( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: deal under medicaid and massachusetts and vermont in the manager's amendment, when nebraska is told we're going to expand medicaid and we're to hold you harmless in perpetuity, you will not have to pay, tell me how that's fair to me taxpayers of ohio, tell me how it's fair to the taxpayers of north carolina, that they are

Richard Burr

2:43:25 to 2:43:45( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: going to pay for what nebraskans should be obligated to. and i believe, knowing the people of nebraska, that the people of nebraska would want to pay their share. but no, to buy well, this bill is still $2.5 trillion.

Richard Burr

2:43:46 to 2:44:06( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: it from medicare. it still puts tremendous unfunded mandate on every state in this country, with the exception of the state of nebraska. there are a number of states that have a great period for some period of tooko get their comfort level

Richard Burr

2:44:07 to 2:44:28( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: of their vote, but for every other state at some point they are going to be obligated to pick up that we cover 31 million americans that weren't covered. that is a wonderful thing. 15 million of them are dumpe into medicaid, the worst health care delivery s in this country, a health care system that only has the

Richard Burr

2:44:29 to 2:44:50( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: opportunity today to see 60% of the available doctors because the other 40% won't and oh, by the way, what did the chief actuary of the centers for medicare and medicaid services say? "the reid bill is especially likely to

Richard Burr

2:44:51 to 2:45:13( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: being unwilling, unwilling to treat medicare and medicaid patients, meaning that a significant portion of the increased demand for medicaid services would be difficult to meet the chief actuary went on to say -- "the c.m.s. actuary noted that the medicaid cuts in the bill -- medicare cuts in the

Richard Burr

2:45:14 to 2:45:34( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: bill could jeopardize medicare be i just heard the senator from rhode island basically come out and say that was a fabricated thing on somebody's part on this side of the aisle. i'm quoting the chief actuary, the

Richard Burr

2:45:35 to 2:45:58( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: care budgetary person the actuary said "it could jeopardize medicare beneficiaries' access to care." he goes on to say he alsoound that roughly 20% of all part-a providers -- hospitals, nursing homes, et cetera -- would become unprofitable within the next ten

Richard Burr

2:45:59 to 2:46:19( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: years as a result of these cuts. hospitals will close. nursing homes will khroefplts this isn't fabrication. this is the chief actuary f the center of medicare and medicaid services who is part of this administration. the c.m.s. actuary found that fuher reductions in medicare growth through the actions of

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