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Senate Proceeding on Dec 21st, 2009 :: 4:10:10 to 4:17:45
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Lamar Alexander

4:10:07 to 4:10:27( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: home personally with them. and i know maybe you want to share with us some of t experiences that you've had and some of the messages that you've heard from the fine folks in tennessee. mr. alexander: i thank the senator from wyoming. the telephone town halls are very interesting. this is the 21st consecutive day and the third weekend that

Lamar Alexander

4:10:10 to 4:17:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander

4:10:28 to 4:10:49( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: we've been debating this health care bill. and one would think we could probably do a better job of it if we were going back home every weekend to hear what people had thought about what we were doing. but maybe the strategy has been keep us here talking to each other, bring the bill up snowstorm, pass in the middle of

Lamar Alexander

4:11:11 to 4:11:31( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: you get on a telephone and an automated system calls thousands of people and say that the senator from wyoming, illinois or tennessee wants to talk to you about health care. and so people can either stay on the phone when they get the call or they can hang up. and what n that a surprisingly large number

Lamar Alexander

4:11:55 to 4:12:16( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: reported to me by the -- by the service hour. with a maximum number of 3,016 at any one time. someone might pick up the phone and say that senator barrasso is on the phone and threat might tune in for 15 -- and they might tune in for 15 or 20 minutes,

Lamar Alexander

4:12:38 to 4:12:58( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: who know my history a little bit, to be elected governor 30 years ago, i walked across tennessee. meeting, you see different places when you go to bars. it took me six months and i'd see 1,000 people a these random phone calls

Lamar Alexander

4:13:20 to 4:13:41( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: that part of tennessee. but i was able to ask those citizens three questions. now, i'm not about to say this is a gallup poll of tennessee. because i know that surveys like that have to be done in a scientific way. but they're straws

Lamar Alexander

4:14:03 to 4:14:23( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: second question, do you support the health care bill moving through the senate? 1,496 said no, that's 5%. 352 said, i don't know. that's 18%. yes, 154. that's 8%. the number leigh: do you a--

Lamar Alexander

4:16:11 to 4:16:31( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: you've got 60 employees and two get cance those two employees prohibit you from providing insurance to the other employees. but if you could pool your resources with small businesses all around the country, then the pool would be large enough that you could offer insurance.

Lamar Alexander

4:16:32 to 4:16:53( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: that proposal's been made by senator enzi. it's been through the health committee. the congressional budget office said that it did not add to the deficit. in fact, it reduced the deficit. and it employees of small businesses to be insured and that their premiums would be lower than

Lamar Alexander

4:16:54 to 4:17:14( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: they otherwise would be. that's a single step, madam president, to moving toward reducing health care costs. but if we took that step and the other steps that we have proposed, that would be a good way to start. and we could do that together. and we wouldn't have this partisan bill with so many questions and so many concerns.

Lamar Alexander

4:17:15 to 4:17:35( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: i wonder if my friends from south dakota and wyoming, i know they have thought a good deal about this step-by-step approach toward actually solving the real problem, health care costs. yield on that suggestion of small business health plans? doesn't that enjoy wide support

Lamar Alexander

4:17:36 to 4:17:46( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: among small businesses in this country? mr. alexander: it clearly does. it enjoys wide support everywhere except the united states senate where when senator

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