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Senate Proceeding on Dec 21st, 2009 :: 5:59:10 to 6:07:25
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Richard Burr

5:59:06 to 5:59:26( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: way out of the woods. floor. the presiding officer: the senator mr. burr: madam president, i'm going of my colleagues, so i would ask unanimou a colloquy on for the balance of our time. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. burr: madam president, i think many members have to ask why are we here?

Richard Burr

5:59:10 to 6:07:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Richard Burr

Richard Burr

5:59:27 to 5:59:47( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: we're here this morning there was a motion to proceed, the considerati the reid substitute amendment. and i thinkt's important that we discuss what that means. it means that there are going to be no more amendments, no opportunity for any senator in

Richard Burr

5:59:48 to 6:00:08( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: any state to propose a c the bill. at some point we up-or-down vote on exactly what senator reid has presented to us. but we're going to steal $466 billion from medicare. we're going to take that $466 billion away from hospitals, from hospice, from nursing

Richard Burr

6:00:09 to 6:00:29( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: homes, from home care, and, yeah, a popular target up here, the insurance product that many americans have seniors, medicare advantage. we're going to eliminate that option this is one case that if you like your health care, you're going to lose it. the bill that

Richard Burr

6:00:30 to 6:00:50( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: considered and voted on later this week raises $519 billion in new taxes and fees. $519 billion in new taxes. and i might add for my colleagues, we tax tanning salons at 10%. now what in the hell does that

Richard Burr

6:00:51 to 6:01:11( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: have to do with health care? well, the reason it's in there is because botox. hollywood saw this wasn't advantageous to have botox tax, so when they dropped that they had to find something else. and poor tanning

Richard Burr

6:01:12 to 6:01:32( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: communities across the country, we're going to tax the majority of americans the president he wouldn't tax, those under $200,000. the ones that don't have a beach house, they're going to pay a 10% tax when th tan. if we do that, how far are we from fing parents because we

Richard Burr

6:01:33 to 6:01:58( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: don't put high enough s.p.f. on r children? or are we going to start charging when we go to the beach because we get that's what happens when the government becomes a more dominant role in health care. and i might add something many of us have highlighted. in the bill there was a one-year fix. doctors are going to be faced

Richard Burr

6:02:01 to 6:02:22( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: with a 21% cut in their reimbursments after this next two months. there was a one-year fix to didn't do away with the problem, didn't fix the whole problem. but now we've said in 60 days doctors will be on their own. yeah, there was deals. the corn husker kickback, the

Richard Burr

6:02:23 to 6:02:44( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: windfall for nebraska. and i've got to admit that i was proud of my colleague, senator johanns, who came to the floor and said let me assure you, people in asked for something different than everybody else. they're willing share.

Richard Burr

6:02:45 to 6:03:06( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: it will cost my constituents in north carolina and it will cost the constituents in nevada and -- excuse me, it won't in nevada. i think maybe there's even a deal that affects them degree. but let me just say, is it fair? no. it's not fair. and the fact that it wasn't fair

Richard Burr

6:03:07 to 6:03:27( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: was called that's compromise. that's not compromise. we're here under to make this fair to all the american people, but in this case it's not. and, yeah, there are 31 million americans that are going to have health insurance, 15 million of which are delegated into

Richard Burr

6:03:28 to 6:03:49( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: medicaid the health care delivery system. and, yes, there exists an unfunded mandate to states. because after five years, except for those who got these special deals, the states are going to be responsible for some portion, an average of 10%. let me tell what you the

Richard Burr

6:03:50 to 6:04:10( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: governor of building in income north carolina said early. "the absolute deal breaker for that shifts costs to the states." well, we're shifting costs to the states and she's nowhere to be found now. but the people in north carolina, the taxpayers of north carolina are going to continue to be charged for this expansion of

Richard Burr

6:04:11 to 6:04:31( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: inefficient place for us to have put these 15 million americans that were promised health care. and while we do all this, according to the chief actuary at the centers for medicare and medicaid services, c.m.s., 20% homes are going to go bankrupt, they're going to go ou of business, because, as the chief

Richard Burr

6:04:32 to 6:04:52( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: actuary said -- and i quote -- " "they would be within the next ten years as a result of these cuts." hospitals, nursing homes at a time that our senior population is getting ready to explode as the baby we're cutting $466 billion from medicare and we're starving the

Richard Burr

6:04:53 to 6:05:15( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: infrastructure of hospitals and home care well, pro happen to them? c.b.o. said -- or, excuse me, the chief actuary again said if we go through and pass this plan

Richard Burr

6:05:16 to 6:05:37( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: plan, the result is providers will be unwilling to see medicare and medic well, today, 40% of don't see medicaid. does that mean it's going to be 50% or 60% or 70%? we're ballooning a system that today's having a hard time finding providers.

Richard Burr

6:05:38 to 6:05:58( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: to most of us that doesn't make sense, but that's what the united states senate's going to do. and i might also add that the attempt here was to expand coverage and, yeah, in sheer numbers we're expanding coverage. but if passed, the congressional budget office says 8 million to 9 million individuals who

Richard Burr

6:05:59 to 6:06:20( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: currently have employer-based health care will lose that health care. 8 million to 9 million who curr will lose their health the passage of this bill. the net-net here isn't real pretty, and when $2.3 trillion of health care costs, you have to ask yourself:

Richard Burr

6:06:21 to 6:06:41( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: where's the beef, wherary the value in this? -- where's the value in this? as hospitals homes close, as provider don't see medicare and micaid, ask yourself: have we really done sothing good? and chances are you'll find out th

Richard Burr

6:06:42 to 6:07:03( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: do nothing -- we'll actually save money on system. the last fact. chief actuary of medicare said, if you pass this bill, the costs of health care will be a quarter of a trillion dollars more than if we did nothing. the president talked about bending the cost curve down.

Richard Burr

6:07:04 to 6:07:24( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: we're bending that cost curve up in this bill. we're bankrupting hospitals and nursing homes. we'r seeing medicare and medicaid patients. there are not too many things that we can point to that are great about this bill. that's every reason why we should start over. but i know that my colleagues

Richard Burr

6:07:25 to 6:07:26( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: are here to join in and to offer

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