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Senate Proceeding 12-22-09 on Dec 22nd, 2009 :: 1:05:05 to 1:10:30
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Roger F. Wicker

1:05:02 to 1:05:22( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: families enjoying some well deserved time off for the holidays. thank you, mr. president. i eld the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from mississippi is recognized. mr. er: is it now in order

Roger F. Wicker

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Speech By: Roger F. Wicker

Roger F. Wicker

1:05:23 to 1:05:43( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: for me to ask that that several republican colleagues engage in a colloquy for the next hour. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. wicker: i also want to thank my colleague from washington for commending and thanking the staff certainly. that is a bipartisan sentiment at this holiday and christmas season. i appreciate her givin opportunity to echo those thoughts and i'm sure every

Roger F. Wicker

1:05:44 to 1:06:06( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: senator on the floor feels the same way and expresses that appreciation to the hard-working staff. i -- i want to start off by saying that there's still an opportunity, mr. president, for this bill to be amended and changed in some of the very

Roger F. Wicker

1:06:07 to 1:06:29( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: harmful ways that this will affect our people back home and particularly our state governments. now, i was on the floor several days ago pointing out the objections that most of the state governors have with regard to the medicaid mandates. and i want to dated december 10 from my

Roger F. Wicker

1:06:30 to 1:06:50( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: governor, governor haley barbour of the state of mississippi, who reminds senators that this bill continues to place a huge unfunded mandate on states while harming our small businesses and seniors through budget gimmicks and increased taxes. governor barbour says this, mr. president: "if the current bill, which would expand

Roger F. Wicker

1:06:51 to 1:07:11( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: medicaid up to 133% of the federal poverty level, were enacted into law, the number of mississippians on medicaid would increase to 1,037,606, or one in three citizens in the state of mississippi. over 10 years, this bill would

Roger F. Wicker

1:07:12 to 1:07:32( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: cost mississippi taxpayers $1.3 billion. now, i was on the floor a days ago also with this map which shows in red the number of states which are facing this unfunded mandate becau of the increased federal mandate for medicare coverage coming from

Roger F. Wicker

1:07:33 to 1:07:53( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: this bill should it be enacted into law. and i was pointing out that only the two states, vermont and massachusetts, because of a formula that has been worked out will be exempt from this. every other state, i pointed out to senators, will have to come up with the extra money, either

Roger F. Wicker

1:07:54 to 1:08:16( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: through cutting education programs, cutting mental health programs or other vital services or by raising t they will have to come up with the extra money under this legislatn so that half of the people covered by this new act will be covered by medicaid. now, i want to make an amendment

Roger F. Wicker

1:08:17 to 1:08:38( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: to tt today and add one other state because i think it's become quite -- quite a well-known fact that we need to put one other state up there in yellow and that is the state of nebraska, because we know that pursuant to an agreement that was made before senator nelson

Roger F. Wicker

1:08:39 to 1:08:59( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: announced his support as the 60th vote for cloture on this very important legislation, a deal was cut leader said a cheap deal, and i nebraska would be exempt in

Roger F. Wicker

1:09:00 to 1:09:21( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: perpetuity from its requirement to pay the federal match -- the state match, and so the federal government, according to this legislation that we'll be asked to vote on in the next two days, will pick up all of the extra expenditures for the state of nebraska. now, the poverty level in

Roger F. Wicker

1:09:22 to 1:09:42( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: nebraska's not quite as bad. now, i don't know how the powers that be felt that they should justify this expenditure, but i'll tell ya, the state -- people in the state of mississippi are going to have to come up $1.3 billion over the next 10

Roger F. Wicker

1:09:43 to 1:10:04( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: years to pay for what we're going to be required to do by congress in its wisdom. how is it fair that one senator from nebraska goes behind closed doors with the majority leader and cuts this deal so that his citizens don't have to pay this extra tax, his citizens don't have other state programs to come up

Roger F. Wicker

1:10:05 to 1:10:26( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: with the money? no one in this building, no one within the sound of my voice can come in here and explain why this is fair the fact of the matter, mr. president, is that the majority leader needed that vote and that was part of the deal

Roger F. Wicker

1:10:27 to 1:10:31( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: that was cut, so that now citizens in arizona, citizens in

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