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Senate Proceeding 12-22-09 on Dec 22nd, 2009 :: 3:06:50 to 3:10:40
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Max Baucus

3:06:34 to 3:06:54( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: save $20 billion a year. and we have fashioned this bill into an amendment to this health care bl. and, mr. president, at this time i would ask unanimous consent that the pending amendment be set aside to call up my amendment. it's senate amendment number 3225. mr. baucus: mr. president? the presiding officer: is there objection? mr. baucus: mr. president, reserving the right to object and i hope my colleague would

Max Baucus

3:06:50 to 3:10:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Max Baucus

Max Baucus

3:06:55 to 3:07:15( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: let me just say a word or two under my reservation. the underlying bill, i might say while i'm reserving the right to object, is crafted the guidance of c.m.s., the office of inspector general, h.s., and the justice department for stronger antifraud provisions. it would give c.m.s. new screening authority to provide resources to the c.m.s. for new

Max Baucus

3:07:16 to 3:07:36( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: screening authority. also limit providers in other ways by more oversight when fraud is suspected, like limiting the number of durable medical equipment providers because we know that d.b. is fraught with fraud. we also require under the bill to require providers to have compliance programs to make sure

Max Baucus

3:07:37 to 3:07:57( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: providers know the rules. also, increase penalties for fraudulent activity. that's in this bill too. but most importantly, this bill would give c.m.s., h.h.s., o.i.g., more tools at their proposal to protect the integrity. so the bill does a lot to protect fraud. i must say, i know this is his time but this is a bit unusual, this procedure here,

Max Baucus

3:07:58 to 3:08:18( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: and i appreciate the indulgence of the chair as well as the indulgence of the senator from florida. but there were -- you won't believe, senator, the number of amendments that were offered, bipartisan basis, in the finance committee as well as the "help" committee and were adopted in both committees. it's very, very transparent,

Max Baucus

3:08:19 to 3:08:43( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: very open, bipartisan. unfounately, by the time the bill got to theloor here, it became apparent that we were facing less than the nature o legitimate amendments, more message amendments, and so the majority leader resorted to a procedure to try to move this thing expeditious. and i know that i'm taking advantage of the senator by explaining a

Max Baucus

3:08:44 to 3:09:04( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: and very, respectfully i the presiding officer: the mr. lemieux: well, i thank my colleague and the chairman, the distinguished chairman of the finance committee. and, sure, there are things in this bill, he's pointed out, that go after fraud. but i would like to inform the senate of the report that came out evaluating this

Max Baucus

3:09:05 to 3:09:25( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the managers' a.m. and i have here a table evaluates how much we estimate will be saved from the waste, fraud and abuse provisions which are in this bill. and it's $.9 billion. $.9 billion. the proposal that i group -- and, again, it's not the c.b.o. -- but one group has that

Max Baucus

3:09:26 to 3:09:46( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: $20 billion a year. so putting aside our differences, i sure wish we could talk about my amendment today, i would say to my friend, my colleague. i hope that we can revisit it after this is over, because we should be able to agree -- and it does have bipartisan support. wish we could today, but i hear the objection and i will move on. but i hope that --

Max Baucus

3:09:47 to 3:10:07( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: mr. baucus: might i -- mr. lemieux: but i hope that we can talk about this. mr. baucus: may i ask the senator to yield using whatever time we have on our side. i fullygree with the senator. it is unfortunate that we can't proceed at this moment. but i pledge my suppo next year to work aggressively with very strong oversight to -- to boost our antifraud measures

Max Baucus

3:10:08 to 3:10:29( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: even more than there are in this bill. there's going to be an awful lot of oversight necessary when this bill is passed to make sure that all the provisions that are intended actually come true. and, in fact, we think we're working hard now to get this bill passed. frankly, i think we're going to have to work even harder next year to make sure the provisions work. but i pledge my support and to work very aggressively in that area.

Max Baucus

3:10:30 to 3:10:40( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: but i thank the senator. mr. lemieux: i thank the chairman. the presiding officer: the senator from florida. mr. lemieux: i wish we could -- respectfully, i wish we could do it before we had to rush to judgment on this bill.

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