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Senate Proceeding on Dec 22nd, 2010 :: 0:45:30 to 0:51:25
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Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: and for that, i thank him dee and i yield the floor. mr. alexander: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from tennessee is recognized. mr. alexander: mr. president, kay to the floor to express my admiration to the arizona. i listened to his address and i heard my colleague from tennessee. senator kyl's work on nuclear

Lamar Alexander

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Speech By: Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: modernization is no surprise to any of us who know him very well because his approach to issues is a principled one and once he determines the principle, it is a dogged one. he is a determined person. he basically took this issue of nuclear modernization, which is not on the lips of very many people in the united states. the question of whether our

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: nuclear weapons are safe and reliable, whether they'll work or not. and he pulled it out of a trash bin really and put it on the front page of a national debate. he did it in connection with the start treaty. but as he said in his own remarks, this should be done whether you're for the start treaty or against the start

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: treaty. it should -- it's completely independent in that sense. now, in my view, under no circumstances, should the start treaty be ratified without doing this. i mean be, that would be like reducing our weapons and leaving us with a collection of wet matches. i mean, we need to make sure

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: that what we have left works. but this -- this is -- this is sort of the showhorse, workhorse distinction. this is an issue on the backer. it is an unpleasant issue. no one likes to talk about

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: making work weapons, but it is a part of reality in the united states and in the world today. and as senator corker was saying and as senator kyl said, when each of us visited at different times, different places -- senator kyl came to tennessee and i was with him there; he's talked to many more people than i have on this subject -- but

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: these weapons are being modernized in facilities that are completely outdated. it would be as if we were making corvettes in a model t factory. and worse than that, it's not just an inconvenience to the workers there. it's a a threat to their safety.

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: and the it is a waste of taxpayers' money. as the senator from arizona said, after a certain number of years -- and i am not sure of the exact number anymore; maybe 15 years, some number of years -- this pays for itself. these -- the modernization of these facilities, the bringing them up to date, means the taxpayers will pay just as much

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: to operate these old facilities as they would to spend $5 billion or $6 billion or whatever billion it is to improve these two new big facilities. so i think this is -- and it ought to be said as well that not a one of these facilities is in arizona. this is not -- this is not home

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: cooking by jon kyl. this is a man whom for a couple of decades has made our nuclear posture his business and has made sure that he knows as much about it as anyone and has made sure the rest of us pay ateption to it when we might be more interested in the issue of the moment.

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: so it's an example of a united states senator doing his job very, very well, and i'm deeply grateful of that and i'm proud to serve in the senate with such a person. i would like to put into the record letters that i mentioned. they were put into the record yesterday but they are such an integral part of the remarks of

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: senator kyl and senator corker, that i ask consent to put into the record the letter to the president of december 16 from senator inouye and cochran, the ranking members of the appropriations committee on both sides of the aisle, and senator feinstein and i who are both members of the appropriate subcommittee for dealing with

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: this as well as the president's response of december 20. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. alexander: and i -- in concluding my remarks, i would like to also congratulate senator kyle for his comments about advanced funding. we want to do things in an orderly way in government, but it makes no sense for us to

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: build buildings in the most expensive way, particularly when there is an urgent deadline that is in the national interest. so indeed if by building these building more rapidly and saving the annual maintenance costs, we can save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars at a time when we're borrowing 42 cents

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: out of every dollar and every single one of us will be looking for ways to save money, senator kyl's suggestion about advanced funding, which may not be the way the department of energy has done it before, ought to be the way we do it now. i mean, we didn't used to have a big dip like we do now. let's look for ways to save hundreds of millions of dollars. we know we're going to have to

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: modernize these weapons, start treaty or no start treaty, as the senator said. let's accept the senator's suggestions for these facilities. as one member of the appropriations committee, i am going to do my best to follow his suggestion. i am here to congratulate him for a superior statesmanlike piece of work, both on the

Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: treaty, which he's worked to improve but on the nuclear modernization issue, which he singlehandedly has put up front before those of us in the senate and the american people, and it

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