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Senate Proceeding on Dec 22nd, 2010 :: 1:38:10 to 1:43:34
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John Cornyn

1:38:10 to 1:38:31( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: others like israel have been lectured. another of our -- and other of our allies have been thrown under the bus on missile defense, like poland and the czech republic. he's been so idealistic and naive, you might say, about the subject of nuclear weapons that president sarkozy of france remarked about it publicly at a meeting of the united nations security council.

John Cornyn

1:38:10 to 1:43:34( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Cornyn

John Cornyn

1:38:32 to 1:38:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: he said "we live in a real world, not in a virtual one. president obama himself has said that he dreams of a world without nuclear weapons. before our very eyes two countries are doing exactly the opposite at this very moment."

John Cornyn

1:38:53 to 1:39:14( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: twins 2005, president sar cocould i -- president sarkozy said iran violated five security solutions. he said what have these proposals of dialogue produced for the international community? nothing more, he said, than enriched uranium and more centrifuges. and last but not least, it has

John Cornyn

1:39:15 to 1:39:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: resulted in a statement by iranian leaders calling for wiping off the map a member of the united nations. i fear that the new start treaty will serve as another data point in a narrative of weakness. pursuing diplomacy for its own sake or indulging in a utopian dream of a world without nuclear

John Cornyn

1:39:39 to 1:40:01( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: weapons divorced from hard reality. mr. president, last week i mentioned that doug feith formerly of the defense department helped negotiate the strategic offensive reduction treaty known as the sort treaty. mr. feith said during the negotiations of the sort treaty the russians were trying to get

John Cornyn

1:40:02 to 1:40:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: the united states to negotiate a way our right to defend ourselves. the bush administration rightly rejected those russian demands, and you know what? we got a good treaty anyway. the obama administration, on the other hand, gave russia what it wanted, or what it says it it

John Cornyn

1:40:23 to 1:40:43( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: wanted among other concessions. but that's not the only concession that was given under the start treaty, the new start treaty. i would ask my colleagues where are the concessions that russia made to us in this treaty? where are the concessions that russia made to us? what in this treaty is a good

John Cornyn

1:40:44 to 1:41:05( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: deal for the united states? but my colleagues may reply, so what. so what if the obama administration's world view is a little bit naive. so what if the russians negotiated a much better deal for themselves than the obama administration got for the united states. shouldn't we go ahead and

John Cornyn

1:41:06 to 1:41:27( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: approve the treaty anyway. what harm could it do? couldn't it help build a better relationship between the russian federation and help transform america's reputation in the world? those are actually good questions, but the answers are sobering. the administration has long argued that its approach to diplomacy was not only good for

John Cornyn

1:41:28 to 1:41:50( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: its own sake but it would strengthen relationships with nations all around the world. i would ask you, mr. president, how is that worked out? charles krauthammer reviewed the global response to president obama's diplomatic overtures in this way. he said unilateral american concessions and offers of unconditional engagement have

John Cornyn

1:41:51 to 1:42:11( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: moved neither iran nor russia nor north korea to accommodate us. nor have the arab states or even the powerless palestinian authority offered so much as a gesture of accommodation in response to heavy and gratuitous american pressure on israel. nor have even our european

John Cornyn

1:42:12 to 1:42:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: allies responded. they've anteed up essentially nothing in response to our pleas for more assistance in afghanistan. of course we can look at the results of the new start treaty itself. russian leaders have responded to american concessions with

John Cornyn

1:42:33 to 1:42:56( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: contempt. russian foreign minister lavrov said the treaty cannot be opened up and become the subject of new negotiations. prime minister putin has threatened a new arms race if russia doesn't get its way with this version of the treaty. russian leaders have the temerity to lecture and attempt to intimidate the united states

John Cornyn

1:42:57 to 1:43:18( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: senate from discharging our constitutional responsibilities. and, mr. president, we should not succomb. in deciding to vote, whether to vote for the treaty, i would respectfully ask whether some senators have been asking themselves the wrong question. instead of asking ourselves the question, why not rat stphaoeu

John Cornyn

1:43:19 to 1:43:34( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: what's the -- why not ratify? what's the harm. i would suggest that the better question is why should we? i would urge my colleagues to vote against this treaty not because i don't care about the message it will send to russia and other nations, but because i do care about that message.

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