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Senate Proceeding on Dec 22nd, 2010 :: 1:44:00 to 1:47:50
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David Vitter

1:43:56 to 1:44:17( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: the era of unilateral american concessions is over. floor. mr. vitter: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from louisiana is recognized. mr. vitter: mr. president, i

David Vitter

1:44:00 to 1:47:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: David Vitter

David Vitter

1:44:18 to 1:44:39( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: too am opposing the ratification of this new start treaty because i think it makes us less secure and not more secure as a nation. and, of course, that has to be the ultimate test. a toughly negotiated balanced treaty with russia which allowed for adequate and reliable inspections and data exchange

David Vitter

1:44:40 to 1:45:00( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: could make us more secure. but this is not such a treaty. and it's clear to me that president obama went into negotiations willing to give up almost anything for a treaty, and that basic posture produced what it always will: a bad deal for us. the proponents of the treaty

David Vitter

1:45:01 to 1:45:21( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: suggest as much when they lay out as their top arguments for ratification a better relationship with russia, help from russia on other issues that ratification could engender and progress with world opinion. i think it's dangerous to count on any of that or to look at all

David Vitter

1:45:22 to 1:45:43( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: beyond the four corners of the treaty, the pros and cons of the details and the substance of the treaty itself. when i look within the four corners of the treaty on i'm particularly concerned about four kinds of the treaty. first, serious roadblocks to missile defense.

David Vitter

1:45:44 to 1:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: i think it is a fundamental mistake and a dangerous precedent for any treaty on offensive arms to even mention missile defense. and russia has made it clear that any major progress on u.s. missile defense will cause them to leave the treaty. particularly with president obama in office, this creates

David Vitter

1:46:05 to 1:46:27( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: real political obstacles to the full missile defense i support and the american people support in great numbers. indeed, president obama has already abandoned our missile defense sites in eastern europe to help produce agreement on this treaty from the russians. second, fundamentally imbalanced arms reductions.

David Vitter

1:46:28 to 1:46:48( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: in this treaty, we reduce our nuclear arms significantly. russia stays where they already r meanwhile, we still aren't getting to the issue of tactical nuclear weapons, a category where russia has a huge 10-1 advantage. we've talked about that for decades and we'r we still aren't

David Vitter

1:46:49 to 1:47:11( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: getting there. clearly, the u.s. has leverage to commit russia to reduce their tactical nuclear weapons as we do right now before this treaty. and those nuclear weapons are the most vulnerable to end up in terrorist hands. we must use that leverage and not throw it away for u.s. and global security. instead, proponents of this

David Vitter

1:47:12 to 1:47:32( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: treaty argue that a further treaty addressing tactical nuclear weapons in the future will materialize. but the leverage we have to get there is being given up essentially with this treaty. third, inability to verify. this treaty does not give us the inspections and data we need to

David Vitter

1:47:33 to 1:47:52( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: verify russian compliance, and we know that russia has cheated on every previous arms control treaty with us. verification is clearly less under new start than in start i, but it now needs to be greater because the nuclear deterrent

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